November 3, 2013

Montpelier Hunt Races

What a great experience with an amazing venue. I'm so glad my oldest daughter and I were able to attend with friends from the barn she rides at. It's these types of events and the beautiful countryside here that make me appreciate living in the state of Virginia. I'm usually incredibly homesick for my home state of Michigan and missing my family and being able to spend holidays and birthdays with those that I love so very much.

When I am able to enjoy the magnificent countryside here in Virginia and soak up anything that has to do with horses I feel a sense of belonging. Spending time laughing with friends is good for my heart and soul.

There were eight races in total. Which makes for an incredibly exciting day. Many race goers set up elaborate tablescapes with all types of yummy appetizers and drinks. Many of them competing for the best tailgate decorations of the day. It was fun perusing the grounds and soaking it all up. This event provides lots of inspiration for the equestrian lover.

There was a Hat Contest, Jack Russel Terrier Races (we missed these) and several exhibitors.

My absolute favorite thing of the day were the horses. They are absolutely majestic creatures that give their riders so much heart. Each one of them enjoying the race and wanting a good, clean finish. I think all horse lovers should attend at least one Steeplechase. The Montpelier grounds are stunning, the event is very family friendly and you will leave with a smile on your face.

I happen to be in one of the photo's in the above collage with my friends and sporting a Jeanne Oliver bag! Love it!

My favorite hat in the contest was this yellow one featured above. Her attire was simple and it really made the hat stand out.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time! Glad you're finding joy in Virginia...but we do miss you in Michigan! xo

  2. Would there be any chance I could get a copy of one of your pictures? The photo in the bottom right corner of the first collage is of Prime Prospector - the bay horse and jockey with blue silks and red cap. I'm his groom and this picture of everyone smiling captures a wonderful moment for all of us.


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