October 25, 2012


I'm in the process of updating my blog and a few other things here. In hopes I'll start to write on a regular basis. I took out my watercolor paper and pencils and was playing around a bit. I really love the unpredictability of watercolors. You can't control every stroke the way you can with acrylics or oils and that to me is so beautiful.

Onto the subject at hand... I recently read an article either on a blog or in a magazine, I honestly don't remember where. The article was about success and vulnerability. Vulnerability being listed as a trait that successful people have.

I got to thinking about it and I believe it to be true. Vulnerability can be a beautiful thing but is also something I sorely lack. The last thing I want to do is to put myself out there and fail. I am a very guarded person and never let my hair down so to speak. To actually launch forward with an idea, a product, a design in a big way is scary to me and the 'what if's' start coming.

What if I spend all kinds of time developing something that goes nowhere? That's time stolen from my family. What if I fall flat on my face? What if they don't like me? What if I spend all this money on supplies and I can't sell my wares? What if, what if, what if.... and then there's what if I do succeed? Where will the finances come from to take it to the next level? We're in unsettling economic times. And then there's, who can I trust to take the same care with my designs as I do?

A few months back I had an England based company send me an email saying they would be interested in selling my bike basket liners. I didn't move forward with it as of yet because honestly I don't even know where I'd begin to fill inventory. I can't even keep up with my little Etsy shop.

Last year I had someone ask to feature a project of mine in a upcoming eBook they were producing. I was going to move on that but changed my mind because I wasn't sure how legit it was and then recently saw the publication and it was legit. I could kick myself.

The world wide web is a vast place and meeting people through it is wonderful but I want to make sure that if there is a deal made it is with authentic, honest individuals. How do you know?

Deciding whether I will allow myself to be vulnerable is tough. That means really putting myself, my designs, my wares out there and taking a chance.

By the way, thanks for reading. I know I've been very bad about having something to say or feature on a regular basis.

October 6, 2012

Horse Show & Silent Auction

Today has been a great day! My oldest daughter participated in a local horse show and took home the reserve champion ribbon in the junior pleasure division. That big smile on her face says it all!

She is now on an IEA Riding Team and I've noticed her riding skills improve by leaps and bounds because of it. She still has a long way to go but I am absolutely thrilled for her and Aidan—the wonderful horse she has the joy of riding.

Confession: I'm a really nervous horse show mom and all the other moms that have been doing this for years don't blink an eye when their kids are in the show ring. Maybe my nerves will settle the more we do this thing.

These two make a wonderful pair and I'm so very grateful that the owner is willing to lease Aidan to us. He is a magnificent horse!

Today's horse show also had a silent auction fund raiser for the IEA team. Each rider needed to contribute two baskets. So this is what we donated...

A pair of handmade equestrian style pillows that I've been working on the last couple days. Each one has an appliqued jumper on the front and they are backed with the same flannel, plaid and embellished with 3 buttons. Liv has already asked me to make some for her room. I thought this would be quite fitting for an auction open to the horse riding community.

Secondly, I put together a Boo Basket. The Headless Horseman Rides Again! This basket had enough to Boo four houses in your very own neighborhood.

This was all for a great cause and both baskets were taken home by the same family. I sure hope they enjoy them!

Thanks for visiting!

October 3, 2012

Tailored, Bell Wire Basket Liner

Bell Wire Basket Liner perfectly tailored to fit the curves and contours of the basket using four Amy Butler, Gypsy Caravan prints. The interior has pockets on each of the side panels—perfect for holding all the little things that can go missing easily. The liner is trimmed out with handmade bias tape in a lovely dot print and has little pom-poms attached to each of the ties.

Can I just say that I am thrilled to finally have completed this liner. It was done for a local artist that wanted to trade some hand painted items for one of my hand sewn items. It took me a long while to find fabric that I liked. Her bike is purple and powder blue and there's not a huge selection of fantastic purple fabrics. I love how it turned out.

In the past I've added crocheted flower garland to my liners as well as fabric pennants that I string across the fronts. With this one it would have detracted from the great print on the trim so I decided to add little pom-poms to each of the ties. I toyed with the idea of adding some crocheted flowers where the ties begin but each time I held them up it really got busy aesthetically.

This project was highly time intensive and I'm not sure I will sell them in my shop as of yet.

Thanks for visiting!
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