April 25, 2012

the bearded iris

A neighbor friend of mine gave me several iris rhizomes, three years ago, that I gladly excepted and put in the ground. The first year a few reeds popped up, last year there were a couple of blooms but this year there are multiple blooms from each planting. They are so lovely and ethereal and seeing them makes me want an entire garden packed full of irises. I only wish their blooms lasted all spring and summer long.

These are the only irises I have and from doing a bit of research I think the variety is "Flash of Light".
I took these photo's with my point-and-shoot, Canon Powershot G11. It's the camera I use for all of my photo's. Someday I'd like to upgrade to a DSLR but until then my handy little G11 is doing pretty good. Especially when I have an abundance of natural light.

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April 24, 2012

Front Door Decor with Handmade Feathers

Today I'm sharing the second project made using the handmade feathers.

A wreath—but for the front door this time!

Sewing up a couple little birdies out of cream colored, linen and sea glass blue, wool felt was so easy using a wonderful, free pattern, from Spool Sewing that I came across on Pinterest. They add a really sweet touch to this wreath. Instead of hand sewing the birds up after stuffing them I stitched a tail feather-like pattern using my Singer and then with pinking shears tidied up the ends.

Then I added the "salutations" banner that is held in place by stitching the gray yarn threw the birdies beaks and then tied off. When I hear the word "salutations" I always think of the book, "Charlotte's Web". It is definitely one of my all time favorite childhood reads without a doubt.

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April 23, 2012

Handmade Feathers

Don't you just love a happy accident?!?! I was working on another project for my sons room that did not turn out but out of that mishap came the idea for these winsome flourishes.

What does one do with feathers?

Well, for the first project I made a yarn wrapped wreath for my oldest daughters room and hung it on her head board which is constructed of reclaimed barn wood.

The wreath would probably be beautiful with the feathers alone but I decided to add a couple of rosettes that I made out of left over, drop cloth scraps and a few felt flowers with beaded centers.

I'll be sharing a couple more projects using these lovely feathers this coming week.

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April 19, 2012

New Beach Cruiser Basket Liners

I'm so excited to announce that I finally have a few liners listed in my Etsy shop with a few more on the way. These liners are tailor-made to fit the Schwinn Handlebar Basket (sold at target.com and kmart.com) without using elastic or pull strings. Each liner uses three, coordinating fabrics. I've also included some beautifully, hand-crocheted, flower garland on a couple of them.

The "Olivia" liner matches my blue cruiser perfectly but will also look lovely with any other bicycle.

The "Reagan" liner is bright and spunky with a few of the crocheted flowers cascading down from the highest point in the draping.

The "Reagan Pom-Pom" liner uses the same fabric as the "Reagan" liner but instead of crocheted flower garland it has red, pom-pom fringe and red top-stitching on the face of the liner. I can't forget to mention the pom-pom fringe that embellishes the interior pocket on this liner.

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April 12, 2012

Crocheted Flowers for My Girls

Playing with some leftover yarn, felt and some great free patterns I found on Pinterest I crocheted a couple hair clips for my girls then added felt covered buttons to the centers.

My wee one already claimed the one with the yellow center. She's starting to get really girly now and likes sparkles and flowers. Whereas before she didn't want anything to do with a dress or even a pair of sandals.

If you want to make these flowers for yourself or even as a gift here are the links to the free patterns. For the flower on the left with the yellow center use this pattern. For the flower with the green center use this pattern.

Mine don't look exactly like the patterns I followed so clearly I did a few things differently but they still look cute. I also used worsted weight yarn for both and I did not change colors like the second pattern suggested.

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April 5, 2012

A Walk to the Garden

Spring is certainly showing its signs all around us with the tulips opening up...

and the lilacs in bloom...
However, I'm a bit sad because my lilacs don't have many blooms this year and I'm not sure what to do to change that. I had high hopes for these when I bought four bushes several years ago but they haven't done as well as I had hoped. Any tips from avid lilac enthusiasts?

A little nest was tucked in our holly bush which by the way had lots of bees buzzing about. Brave birds and I'm sure all that activity along with the prickly leaves acts as a safety net for them and their babies.

The littles stumbled upon a stray kitty down by the garden. They fell in love with him and he fell in love with them. Although I have to say he was quite friendly to be a stray but no collar and he's not neutered.

We discovered all of this on our walk to the garden and then we had to get to work and take care of our vegetable plants. The kids love watering the plants. They usually fight over the watering can but here they worked together so I had to get a photo.

The broccoli and radishes seem to be doing well...

The swiss chard is finally starting to get a bit of size to it...

The snow peas aren't big enough to start climbing but they have shown signs of some growth...

April 4, 2012

The 5k Run/Walk Announced

I just finished freshening up the graphics for an annual 5k Run/Walk. Mark your calendars early! It's Sept. 15th this year with a FREE CONCERT AND DINNER FOR ALL RUNNERS & WALKERS.

Each year I tell myself this will be the year I run. Last year I started training with such good intentions and then tragically a "mustard bottle" fell from the top shelf of our pantry and broke my foot. This was no ordinary mustard bottle though. It was a mega-sized bottle from Sams Club. It may sound like a far fetched story that I manufactured to get out of having to run but I assure you it is not. I hobbled around for about six weeks.

Will this be the year I actually run the Ladysmith Village 5k? Let's see what happens. I need to drop some poundage so this may be the answer. Although, I think my friends and neighbors might laugh if I mention trying this again.

If you're in the area make sure to register. Remember FREE DINNER & FREE CONCERT! Proceeds will benefit the Ladysmith Fire Department!

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April 3, 2012

Personalized Baby Onesies

My precious nephew was born almost one month ago and I made these personalized onesies for him.

They got them in the mail this past week so I'm free to share the photo's with all of you!
First I created the graphics, second I printed them on heat transfer paper and third ironed them on.

The first is the "HELLO my name is". It looks just like one of those name tags you're asked to apply when attending an event where nobody knows your name.

The second is a design I created using his initials and birth date.

The third I think is my favorite!!! It's a Word Search using my nephews name, weight, birth date, parent's names, states etc.... The key is ironed on the back. LOVE IT!!! Next time I make these, and there will be a next time, I'm going to iron the key on the bum.

Then of course I had to do a "moving" onesie. Shortly after his birth they moved from FL to TX.

Last but not least, "27".  He is the 27th grandchild on my husband's side of the family. Yes, you read that right, #27. So I thought it was fitting to make a jersey style onesie with his number on it.

The sky is the limit with this iron-on substrate. I wish I would have known about the stuff years ago. I'll be doing lots more with it so stay tuned.

This gift is what got bundled in the pillow box along with a gift card to Target.

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April 2, 2012

Growing Season 2012

Here are some of what I've started this year thus far.

The arugula is looking fantastic planted right on my deck in a cedar box.

Our cauliflower and broccoli are coming along nicely in the raised bed. However, one cauliflower plant has been compromised. I think it might be a neighborhood bunny. Those rascally rabbits are all over the place.

I also panted a blend of radishes. I don't know about you but I love the spicy kick that a radish has and get this, they're at full maturity in 30 days! Fast results. If you've never grown anything before give radishes a try. They'll make you feel like you're doing something right and give you a boost of confidence.

Snow peas, another cold weather crop. I think I was supposed to soak the seeds for faster germination. I'm hoping for the best with these. I planted a few rows and one of those rows only has a few plants that popped up. I guess I need to add a few more seeds.

The green peppers and the jalapeno's are coming along nicely. I put these and the tomatoes outside on one of our warmer days. I got that advice from a local farmer. They said as soon as it's warm enough start putting your seedlings out. It helps grow a stronger stalk. So that's what I plan on doing. But don't leave them out all day. Start with just a couple of hours.

I've got black krim and a couple other varieties started. I plan on starting some Sun Sugar tomatoes from seed this week. They are an orange, cherry tomato perfect for snacking. I think I'll put a couple of those in large pots on my deck.

The lavender is getting some size but it is a very slow grower. At least from my experience. I've also got several rows of another variety that never germinated. Those seeds came from the local home improvement store. The seeds that did germinate are part of last years seed stock that I ordered from Jung Seed. Pretty good seeds I'd have to say.

The sweet basil is getting its lovely true leaves. Once these are put into the ground or pots they will take off. I'm waiting for consistent warm weather.

Just look at the beautiful Moonflower. They are doing phenomenally well and will be ready to go in the ground very, very soon. Again, waiting for consistent warm weather without fear of frost.

My finally!!! The Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine seeds germinated and are flourishing. These seeds do well sowing them directly into the ground once it's warm. I have a few extras that I'll be doing that with. I harvested and saved the seeds from last years vines. I have actually done that for several years now and as long as they're stored in a cool, dark place (basement) once they've dried they will keep.

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April 1, 2012

Family Fun

...and a very busy past week.

Here are my youngest two racing down the side walk, on their big wheels, heading to the playground. I was running behind them trying my best to get a shot that wasn't really blurry. It was tough because once they reach the stretch that has a slight downhill decline they ride as fast as they can.

Every time I see them riding their big wheels together it makes me smile. My youngest daughter trying her best to keep pace with her older brother who rides like he's in a Nascar race. Not kidding. One day he just might be.

My future Nascar driver started soccer this past week as well. He's really hyped-up about all of it. He wants to play with the big boys in the neighborhood.

His coach is 6'7" tall. You can't miss him on the field. That is for sure!!! It was so funny to watch my son and his teammates. Most of them are young 4 year olds and my little guy is getting ready to turn 5 in a week-and-a-half so he's bigger than most of them. I'm looking forward to seeing how this season goes and if it's something he really enjoys and wants to continue year-after-year.

My oldest had a riding lesson on Ty this past Friday. I was told he was once competed in Steeple Chase. Ty is such a sweet guy and my oldest daughter really enjoys riding him. We went out to the farm to pay the deposit for summer riding camp and decided to let her take a lesson at the same time. I think we're going to try and swing a series of spring riding lessons. It's really good for her and we all love being at the farm. Personally it takes me back to my youth.

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