March 26, 2012

Bright, Sunshine Filled, Monday

This past weekend was rainy, overcast, good stay indoors, and get stuff done weather-or-take a long nap weather. Whichever you prefer and is necessary and with us it was both. We're always so busy and have more ideas and projects than time to do them. We're all in the same boat, aren't we? So I won't belabor my point.

We needed the rain the past couple of days but I'm thankful for the sunshine today. I need a pick me up! Do you ever feel like you work so hard and can't seem to progress forward? Or at least that's the way it seems sometimes. That's the way I'm feeling right now so I thought I'd share something that makes me smile. I need it. Do you?

This pretty little flower garland that I recently crocheted is going to be part of a new project of mine that I hope to showcase very soon.

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March 25, 2012

Make Your Own Pillow Box & Free Printable

We recently got the exciting news that our newest nephew was delivered into this world, healthy and handsome and the 27th grandchild on my husband's side! Yes, the 27th! When my husband's brother and wife visited around Christmas time on their way to spend the holidays with his wives family in Connecticut I gave them a crocheted baby blanket for the little one but wanted to do a little more now that he's here. I'll share photo's of the gift once they receive it in the mail but until then here's how I wrapped it up.

I don't know about you but I've got lots of friends and neighbors having babies in the coming months and most are expecting boys. Since the stork is so busy making deliveries in the springtime I wanted to share with you a simple and sophisticated way to make your gift deliveries.

Here's a tutorial on how to make your own "Pillow Box" out of card stock.

It's as simple as that and this is what you should have at the end. Of course you can make these any size depending on the size of the sheet of card stock you start out with.

NOTE: It is very important to use a round object, such as a large bowl, that is almost double the width of your box on the enclosure ends. If you use one that is the exact width of your package it will not work and you'll waste paper. I found this out the hard way.

Don't stop here. Now you need a little card to add to the top of the package.

I designed this itty bitty greeting with two color stories and two patterns. Both housed on the same 8.5 x 11 sheet and free when using them for gift giving. Use the link I provide below.

The sheet has the instructions for scoring and cutting them out. Please read the USER AGREEMENT before downloading the files here.

  1. These images belong to Jenn K./ Blue Sky Confections. You are downloading this printable pdf file for personal use only.
  2. Use of any designs, in any form, on any tangible or electronic form for business promotion or professional use is strictly prohibited.
  3. You MAY NOT resize, recolor or add other graphics to the digital file created by Jenn K./Blue Sky Confections.
  4. DO NOT reproduce, distribute or manipulate Jenn K./ Blue Sky Confections graphics in any way. This includes any re-sale items on the web, e-Bay, Etsy, blog, your own site/store. Business use is strictly prohibited.

Thank you for adhering to my requirements upon downloading this file. Most people wouldn't dream of using someone elses work as their own but for the few that do I needed to post the reminder. I've read some pretty disappointing stories of this scenario.

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March 20, 2012

Let The Gardening Begin

I picked these up at Target this past weekend. They're not in the shoe section. You can find them in the gardening section of the store. Aren't they cute? I bought the little slogger gardening shoes last year and though they are great my socks would get filthy so I went for it and bought some boots this year. I LOVE THEM! They're not bulky and they don't slip off my heel which makes it so easy to walk and work.

So this is what I've got going so far.
This is a Russian Heirloom tomato. I picked up a packet from my local home & garden store and thought I'd give it a try. I really want to grow Cherokee, Mr. Stripey and Brandy Yellow but I didn't order my seeds on time. I hope the farm/nursery just down the road from me has them available in a few weeks. I won't be starting them from seed but hopefully I'll enjoy they're yummy tomato goodness anyways. I also have a few roma and some big hybrid slicing tomatoes in the mix.

The peppers are just now starting to pop through the soil. I'm growing jalapeno and green bell.

Arugula is considered an herb but it happens to be my favorite green to use for salads and on sandwiches. Oh so yummy and easy to grow. These were seeds from last year that I had in my stash and they popped up in no time at all. I've got this in a cedar box on my deck. In a few weeks we'll be enjoying it.

Here comes the spinach. Little slower then the arugula but my little crop should be ready in a few weeks as well.

Can you say pesto? and caprese salad?

The thyme popped up quickly. I love the smell of thyme and it's so nice to put little bundles of it in the slow cooker with a roast on Sundays.

Lavender has such a lovely fragrance. I started these a bit late. I also tried to grow these outside of the greenhouse on my window sill and they never germinated. Then I read the seed packet. They need to be put on top the seed starting mix and lightly pressed down but not covered. They need light to germinate. So this batch, in the greenhouse, with the extra warmth, and the light are germinating and popping up. I would love to line my yard with lavender. When you walk by it it emits such a beautiful scent and the bees just LOVE it!

The dill reseeded itself from last year.

The parsley wintered over very nicely and it's actually spreading.

Our blueberry bushes are already starting to bud. We moved two potted blueberry bushes and put them in the ground and then added two more blueberry plants to the lineup. I'm not expecting a huge harvest this year but I'm hoping in the next two to three years I'll be able to pick enough at one time for a pie. Of course I do know it will be a battle with the birds and my kids.

I also started some moon flowers again. I love these beautiful 15 ft + vines. The flowers are huge, gorgeous and fragrant.

I've also sowed some hyacinth bean vine seeds but they have yet to germinate.

In our raised bed garden I have a couple rows of radishes, swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas and green onions. These are all "cold weather" crops—BUT—we've had an unseasonably warm spring so I'm worried they will go to seed before we're able to enjoy the harvest. We shall see what happens.

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March 9, 2012

Bright, Colorful, Crocheted Afghan

I finally completed this for my wee one's bedroom. I've shared this afghan in progress a couple times on my blog so you can imagine my elation to finally be sharing the finished product! I added a picot border all the way around and I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.

The border reminds me of little bobbles or pom poms. Such a fun, cheerful little addition to a little girls bedroom. Don't you think?

I'm sharing this from multiple angles and folded differently.

I've already started an afghan for my son upon finishing this one. He's been asking for one for a LONG time! I'm using a chunky yarn and a wave pattern for his. Hopefully it will move along a little quicker.

I just love being able to add personal, handmade touches, to each of my kids rooms. My hope is that my kidlets will cherish these afghans "Made by Mom" and want to take them to college with them, and into their first homes, and pass them on to their children, (my grandchildren) and let them know that their momma made these afghans for them because I loved them so very much! Okay, so maybe I'm getting carried away or maybe I'm not. You just might understand and have similar thoughts and feelings.

Here's where it rests. On the back of a rocker in her room. This room needs draperies or a bright, colorful awning and a big girl bed and more but the afghan is done! Check!

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March 8, 2012

Luck and Other Stuff

The force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities.

I don't believe there is such a thing as luck. However, I do say "just my luck". -or- maybe I'll be lucky enough to get there in time. I need to pay attention to my word choice more.

I do however believe that with hard work, proper decision making, right relationships and a good attitude of GRATITUDE a lot of good can come.

How do you feel about the subject?

Sorry I've been gone for a bit. I always get thrown off the blogging wagon when I get busy with graphics jobs. Then I have to lasso the wagon and pull myself back on. Glad to be back.

I've got several projects in the works. Some of which are new bike basket liners for my etsy shop. I've had several inquiries about when I plan on restocking and the answer is soon. So thank you for inquiring it makes me smile to know some of you out there like what I make enough to want to buy it!

I also just completed my baby girls afghan. It took me a LONG time but I love it and it will be a nice addition to her bedroom. I'll post soon. With the finale of that afghan I started a new one for my son who's been crying for his very own blanket, "Made by MOM" since I began crocheting his little sisters. His won't take as long. I'm using a nice chunky yarn and a wave pattern by Lion Brand.

There are also a couple more projects but I'm keeping them on the down-low for a bit because they are gifts for my newest nephew, born on March 4. He's got a head full of dark hair and seeing pics of him makes me want ONE more baby. Then I look at my little tornadoes, that I LOVE with ALL my heart, and think—maybe not.

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