December 31, 2012

Top Posts of 2012 & More

I thought I'd share the most popular projects of 2012 being that it's New Years Eve. Tomorrow marks the start of a new page/chapter/book.

First up and by far the most viewed and read was the Feather Making Tutorial. These can be made with yarn, embroidery floss, bakers twine and maybe even jute twine. I haven't tried that though.

Then the Feather Hair Picks made using wooden skewers from your local grocery store. Paint the skewers gold or any other color you'd like.

The Four Leaf Clover tutorial, made with clippings from shrubs in my yard.

Posts that continue to garner readership even though they're not 2012 posts are the following.
This Paper Plate & Cookie Sprinkle Wreath tutorial still brings visitors.

Then there's this Front Door Decor that I love and will reuse from time to time.

These sweet little Beach Cruiser Basket Liners have been popular. I designed these and make and sell them on Etsy.

A favorite Blackberry Cobbler recipe from Southern Living. All I have to say is very few ingredients, simple, rustic and yummy!

I pray that 2013 brings continued ideas and creativity which in turn grows Blue Sky Confections readership and opens up doors of opportunity for this work-from-home momma.

Thanks so much for reading in 2012!

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