December 11, 2012

The Tufted Wool Wreath–My Version

I first saw the Anthropologie, Tufted Wool Wreath on Dreamy Whites Blog. Clicking over to the Anthropologie site and seeing the price made me want to try and make my own. It's definitely worth the price but currently outside of my budget.

The first thing was to find the right yarn. It needed to be bulky and have some wool in it to be somewhat authentic. The one I chose was Lion Brand, Wool-Ease, Thick-n-Quick in the perfect shade of "Fisherman". This yarn is a wool-acrylic blend. One-hundred percent wool would probably be best but would end up costing more than the completed wreath at Anthropologie. I used a large pom-pom maker. This insured that all of my tufts would be uniform and full. You will get roughly four large pom-poms from one skein. So keep that in mind when buying your yarn. Also, watch for sales and use coupons at your local craft store to keep your cost down. I was able to buy each skein for just over four dollars a piece.

The wreath form I used is foam. I chose foam because it's textured and provides the perfect grip for tying each pom-pom on and keeping them in place. I bet taking a doll hairbrush to these tufts would make it look even more like the wreath I replicated.

To finish it off I added a stone colored satin ribbon and hung it over our bed. I thought its soft, fluffiness deserved a cozy place to be displayed.

I couldn't resist sharing the photo with my wee one. They always love seeing themselves on my computer screen and so do I.


  1. What a great idea to create your own. I actually love yours more than Anthropologie's! The color is perfect!

    1. Thank you Julie! I think it's something that will transition from one season to the next.

  2. Your wreath is STUNNING and better then your inspiration wreaths. Love it.

  3. love this wreath and I want to make my own! How much yarn did you use?


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