December 27, 2012

Market Tote

I had already crocheted a hat for my mom earlier in the year. So for her Christmas gift I made her a linen market tote. She had given me an old bag of hers this past summer that she absolutely loved in hopes I could figure out the pattern and make her a new one. The bag was completely worn and tattered and it had been purchased years ago, so it was no where to be found in stores.

I took a few measurements, deconstructed the shoulder strap to create the pattern for it and got to work. It's a very basic style and once I got it figured out it became simple to me.

My mom prefers neutrals and really loves linen. So I chose a classic, neutral stripe in linen and then for the interior I used a navy and gold floral linen.

I love the navy and gold linen print. I wish I had ordered more of it now.

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  1. Wow - this is lovely. You are very talented. I wish I could sew!


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