July 31, 2012

Meet Lady Winifred

We welcomed Lady Winifred into our home a couple weeks ago. She is now 11 weeks old and as feisty as ever. We decided to get a her when our neighbors Corgi had a litter. How could we resist? My parents and my sister  both have Corgies and they are huge fans of the breed and so we thought we'd give it a go! We currently have one dog but he has really bad back legs and hips and also has a problem with excitable urinary disfunction. Translation: He pees on himself when you talk to him, while he's laying down etc... So there's always a mess to clean up. He doesn't care much for playing with the kids, and it's tough for him to take walks. He's more of a one person dog and that person is myself or my husband. Update: I took Wini in for her first vet visit today and they were telling me about acupuncture for our older dog as a possible treatment for his issues. I'm going to look into it further. If it keeps him from making daily messes it's worth a shot.

We really wanted a dog that the kids could play with, that we could toss a ball to and the dog would willingly play fetch. We wanted a pup that would be an extension of our family. Like our first dog, Lullaby! She was a wonderful, feisty Cairn Terrier. She went everywhere with us, was our little protector and loved us fiercely.

Right now Wini is showing signs of having similar personality traits to our first family pet. That makes me happy! Stay tuned for more posts featuring Lady Winifred.

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  1. Hi Jenn,
    Your puppy is adorable. Good luck with her. As for your older dog, you may want to consider a belly band. A belly band is a band that is closed with Velcro, that goes around his belly. It traps all the moisture, so to speak. You are a sewist, so they are easy to make and can just be thrown into the wash when they are soiled. You can also affix a pad to the inside to trap even more moisture. I foster dogs and belly bands are a godsend. I sometimes use fleece to make them and sometimes use fleece on one side and cotton on the other. Just do a search on belly band and you will find more info than you can imagine.

  2. Wini is super cute! How fun!

  3. So sweet! She would fit right in with my two--Winston & Wendy ;-) Winston had a major problem with towels...until I made a game of it (with treats!!) Good Luck!

    Thanks for the info on belly bands, Suzy McQ!

  4. So sweet! She would fit right in with my two--Winston & Wendy ;-) Thanks for the info on belly bands, Suzy McQ!

  5. I haven't been checking the blog forever! Your dog is adorable!!!!


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