April 25, 2012

the bearded iris

A neighbor friend of mine gave me several iris rhizomes, three years ago, that I gladly excepted and put in the ground. The first year a few reeds popped up, last year there were a couple of blooms but this year there are multiple blooms from each planting. They are so lovely and ethereal and seeing them makes me want an entire garden packed full of irises. I only wish their blooms lasted all spring and summer long.

These are the only irises I have and from doing a bit of research I think the variety is "Flash of Light".
I took these photo's with my point-and-shoot, Canon Powershot G11. It's the camera I use for all of my photo's. Someday I'd like to upgrade to a DSLR but until then my handy little G11 is doing pretty good. Especially when I have an abundance of natural light.

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  1. Hi Jenn! Stopping by for the first time to your sweet blog. I have really enjoyed perusing many of your posts and seeing your creativity and precious family.

    So nice to meet you!
    Kindly, Lorraine


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