January 14, 2012

Some Things I Discovered This Week

...that I love.

Create your own handwritten font at MyScriptFont.com.

Krystina and Lollipops Cards gives a great tutorial.

I named my font Just Kidding. I'm not a big fan of my own handwriting. It's the tool I love and I plan to play with it a bit more and create some fun little doodles.

I'm also going to share this with my oldest daughter. I think she would enjoy creating her own font.

Then there's this little thing called Instagram. I've seen it a lot in the blog world and finally checked it out for myself. A free App for iPhone or iPad making it easy to snap, snap, snap and share. I took a photo of my wee one using my iPad. The quality isn't fantastic but I love the fact that it encourages you to just take pictures and not get hung up on the quality.


On a musical note there's this group, Edens Edge. I stumbled upon them via a blog that I visited because of a color palette I liked on Pinterest.

Social Marketing is a pretty amazing thing. Don't ya think? 

I just so happen to be a farmer's daughter (hobby farm) married to the preachers son.
I'm a country girl through-and-through right down to the music.

Photo by my friend.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections!

Jenny K.


  1. LOVE the font tip.
    Thanks sooo much!!

  2. I love all of those things, too :)

  3. What a lovely picture of you and your husband.


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