October 21, 2011

Hoo, Hoo, Hoo's Looking At You?

The final layer to our front porch decor for this trick-or-treat season.

Every year I have lots of mums and lots of pumpkins and my lovely vines that grow up the porch columns. The last 3 years I've had the black trees lit up with orange twinkle lights. This year I've added the family of owls and they're 
looking at you!

Once again I'm used the ever-versatile burlap. It's inexpensive and really lent itself well to owls. When stitching them up I left an opening  on each side for the head so the fray would give the appearance of feathers. I cut circles of felt for the eyes and gave them candy corn beaks. I also used a round, foam stencil and only dipped half of it in the acrylic paint and then I daubed it on each owl belly for the ruffly feather effect. Finally I embellished the girlie owls with bows and a flower. 

I found the big stick on the ground at the playground a few weeks back and it's hung using twine. The owls are hot-glued on and I sure hope they stay.

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October 18, 2011

Galations 5:22-23

The Fruits of The Spirit

I posted a graphic a few weeks back and decided I would add the scriptures behind the graphic and colorize it a bit. This is not a downloadable file. I may post that in the future dependent on interest.

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Jenny K.

October 17, 2011

The Virginia State Fair

We've been incredibly busy this past month. I'm sure everyone has. The weather has been wonderful and we've tried to pack in as much autumn fun possible. A visit to the Virginia State Fair was in order and because we purchased passes in advance we were able to attend whenever we wanted — so we went twice! The first time our oldest met a friend and enjoyed the carnival rides while we took our youngest two to check out the agricultural exhibits. That's my favorite part. Every exhibitor is so proud of the animals they've brought to the fair. I remember that feeling.

When I was a kid I had a pony named Nancy that I brought to the fair with my 4-H group. She wasn't a fancy pony but she was mine and that alone made me so happy. She was a black and white, Welsh. She was stubborn but I was still thrilled to be able to stand beside her in the barn while passers-by asked to pet her. I would tell them her name and then let them know I'd be riding her in the 4-H shows while grinning ear-to-ear. I would have slept in that barn if they would have let me.

So when my oldest had the opportunity to participate in the Hunt Fun Show with the farm that she takes lessons at I jumped at the chance to allow her. This is memory-making at it's finest!

Here she is riding Christmas Belle in the pole-bending course. No. English riding does not typically have pole-bending but this was strictly a FUN show! She took second place and there were 7 or 9 girls. I don't remember. She also took home a first in the "Lucky Buck Ride". That's where you put a dollar bill under each thigh and then ride in the ring doing what the instructors tell you, all the while trying your best not to lose your money. Whoever keeps their "Lucky Bucks" the entire course wins all the money. She didn't lose her bucks and because of that won all the bucks. I was a proud momma!

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Jenny K.

October 6, 2011

Burlap & Polka Dots Round 2

Front Porch Layering

I'm another step closer to my porch being finished for this autumn season. When decorating it's all about layering and I'm no expert but I've figured this much out.

Burlap is inexpensive and versatile. I measured the pots and cut burlap squares so they would cover the entire pot. I painted polka-dots on and wrapped the base of each mum. I secured them with adhesive dots and added ribbon to most of them but they actually look cute without ribbon. I wrap my mums in burlap every year but this is my first time painting the burlap. This is much easier than re-potting each flower and by far—less expensive.

Here's the other side of the porch. I really love the color mums provide in the fall.

Cute and so simple.


I added some polka-dot ribbon to a couple pots.

Mixing the mums with existing potted plants, an old watering can and small lanterns.

Welcome to our home!

Stayed tuned for a couple more "layers" to our front porch.

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October 2, 2011

Burlap & Polka Dots

Seasonal outdoor pillow covers for our front porch.

Burlap can be so versatile and it definitely makes the perfect outdoor pillow cover for this time of year. I purchased a couple bottles of craft paint and some round, foam stencil brushes to make polka-dots.

First I cut all my burlap to size and then I set up a little assembly line in my basement to stamp the dots. Each time one was completed I pinned it to a clothesline in my basement that the handsome hubby installed the last time our dryer quit on us. (Sigh..... our basement is unfinished and I would love for it to be a more useful, useable space but that won't happen for a while. For now it's storage and laundry.) The paint was dry by morning and I was able to start the sewing. Don't you just love the orange, ball fringe and the polka dot grosgrain ribbon? I do!

Here is the second set with a ruffle. I love envelope style pillows. They are so simple to make without having to install zippers, snaps or buttons and I take advantage of the envelope by embellishing it rather than hiding it in the back.

I always sew in ribbon ties at the tops of the pillows. That way the wind can't blow them around the neighborhood and it's cute! I've got a couple more burlap projects on deck. I can't promise they'll be done quickly. It will all depend on my workload this week but the ideas reside in my mind.

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