September 29, 2011

Fruits of The Spirit

Love, Joy, Peace, Self Control, Patience, Goodness, Faithfulness, Kindness, Gentleness & A Partridge in a Pear Tree!

How did the partridge ever get in the pear tree? I know the song but what's the story behind the song?
I recently repinned a rendering on pinterest that featured the "fruits of the spirit" and I was inspired to create my very own. I've read this particular scripture plenty of times but for whatever reason it really spoke to me through a sketch. I knew that I needed to work on myself in these areas. Sometimes I allow the ones closest to me see the most unrefined places in my heart. Seeing Galations 5:22-23 (Amplified Bible) —brought to life—in a rendering made me realize how weak I really am in the area of patience and self-control. I'm still a work-in-progress but now I'm quickly reminded when I lose my patience or self-control that I'm not pleasing my Heavenly Father and I'm sure not giving my family the very best.

I guess it's because I took the time to sit down and draw this out for myself. It's like memorization. Maybe even like this scripture: Habakkuk 2:2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. Why do you think God had them write out the vision? I bet it was so it would be engrained in their hearts. It made it clear, concise and others could easily follow. Do you ever draw or write things out to help you memorize them? Me striving for patience might not be THE vision for my life but it certainly plays a part.

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September 27, 2011

Autumns Blush

I posted a couple weeks back about my Limelight Hydrangeas and how they blush in the fall. This morning I went outside with my camera before the wee ones were up and snapped a few photos.

They are blushing and beautiful!

For those of you that adore pink. The Limelight Hydrangeas would be a perfect planting in your yard. You can enjoy then in all their blushing glory each fall.

I also snapped a shot of the coleus I potted from cuttings. Remember this post? I wanted to make sure the coleus took root and the key to rooting is lots of moisture. This is a great way to preserve certain plants from year to year. When the temps drop I'll bring the coleus indoors and it will provide a splash of living color in my home. The trick is to find a place that the kids won't disturb them. Hmmm....

I want to do a few more cuttings before the growing season is over.

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Jenny K.

September 26, 2011

A Painted Chest of Drawers

And a lifestyle photoshoot.... 

Having my daughter in the background of this first shot reminds me of the Ethan Allen ad campaigns minus the outlet on the wall.
This piece has been waiting, even begging, for it's makeover from our garage. Several months back I spotted "Curvacious" on the side of the road at an auction house. I quickly turned the car around, got the dimensions, called the handsome hubby and then sealed the deal. $95.00 for a solid piece of furniture with character. Just look at the beautiful silhouette. You sure can't find that anymore without paying a high ticket price.

This is what she looked like before:
I used the paint that we used on our bedroom walls. Idyllic and StoneCastle by Valspar. The StoneCastle is on our ceiling and on the drawers and the Idyllic is on the walls and the body of the dresser. I wanted it to blend with the space perfectly because it's in a really tight spot and it needed to be absorbed into the wall. I left the pulls the way they came. I like the high contrast that that offers.
Before painting it I put down a couple coats of an oil based primer, then a couple coats of the paint and then a clear wax.

I absolutely love the results and I'm one step closer to creating the master that I really want. It's a slow go but at least it's a go. Right? Right!

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Jenny K.

September 17, 2011

One of My Favorite Things

in the fall
...and there are many...
is heading out to the barn where my oldest daughter takes riding lessons. The weather is finally cooperating and it is so enjoyable to be out in the country with horses. This becomes a Friday night outing each week for our family September - November.

It all started with my son insisting on bringing a treat for the horses. When he couldn't find an apple he pulled the celery out of the refrigerator. Then Big Sis said she didn't eat her apple from lunch. Hmmm... She's supposed to eat the good stuff first. That's the rule anyways. So the handsome hubby cut up the apple and put it in a baggy and we headed out to the farm.

My son is feeding Gigi a piece of apple before the lesson begins.

Then Mona Lisa and then Phillip & Aiden & Mike & Candy and the dogs got in on it too. Every time a piece of apple fell to the ground the dogs did not hesitate to gobble it up.

And now on to the first lesson of the fall season.

She rode Aiden last night. He was a well trained machine and a complete joy to watch her ride.

The smile says it all.

Here he is at a slow canter.

And she's still smiling.

Positioning to go over a jump...

and another jump.

While she was riding the wee ones were busy too.

Climbing trees and running through the field. (One shoe on and one shoe off)

There isn't anyplace I'd rather be on a Friday night.

How did you spend your Friday evening?

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Jenny K.

September 14, 2011

Linen & Lace

Bicycle Basket Liner Just Added To My Etsy Shop
Are you a romantic at heart?

I designed and made this liner specifically for the woman that likes all things feminine, soft and romantic. Constructed using a natural 100% linen and embellished with antique white, doilies and a detachable linen, rosette. In keeping with the design the pocket on the interior is made from a round doily.

This is a one-of-a-kind liner and can be purchased here.

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Jenny K.

September 9, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Bicycle Basket Liner

I recently had an Etsy shopper purchase this basket liner design from my shop but requested something with the color pink. I was happy to oblige and stitched this version up. Check out the cute little pocket. Perfect for a cell phone or keys. It will ship priority mail tomorrow and I can't wait for her to get the package. I hope she's as happy with the final product as I am. I have enough fabric to make one or two more of these in this color scheme if anyone is interested. I hope to get a couple more designs in my shop in the near future.

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Sharing this at TT&J Weekend Wrap-up Party & Freckled Laundry.

Jenny K.

September 7, 2011

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

How Do You Say "Thank You"?

This past week has been incredibly hectic for our family. Over the weekend our main family vehicle got a pretty bad flat on our way home from doing a little shopping. It was dark and the tire lost all the air in a very short amount of time. So we found ourselves sitting on the side of the road in the dark at the end of someone's driveway. There were a lot of people coming and going from this place of residence but not one offered to lend a hand. My husband called AAA and while he was on hold with them and the kids were jumping all over the car like rabid monkeys I decided to give one of my neighbor friends a call. No answer. Then I called some family friends that lived about 8 miles from where we were stuck and asked if they could help Barak get the spare loose. It was dark and he couldn't figure out how to loosen the thing. No flashlight, no additional tools and totally unprepared for any kind of emergency. That's how we roll. Hopefully that will change after this incident. I then asked my husband to try our neighbor friends once more at another number and he got through. Our request was, "if possible could you please come and pick myself and the kids up"? We had no idea how long it would take to change the tire and to be stuck on the side of the road, in the dark, with over-excited children would not be good.

Both friends left the comfort of their homes immediately and came to our aid. I can't say thank you enough!!! So because one of these families lives right across the street from us I whipped up some pumpkin cream cheese muffins using this recipe, boxed them and had my handsome hubby walk them over. He's home today to help watch the kids so I could go to the Dr. and get x-rays. Turns out I broke my foot yesterday but that's another story entirely. I told you our week has been hectic.

So to take my mind off of myself and my circumstances I thought I'd bake. These muffins are delicious and so worth your time! Plus, aren't you ready for fall weather? With fall comes apple harvest festivals, pumpkin patches, crunchy leaves, pies, breads, and stews.

I can't wait. I'm looking forward to everything this season has to offer. I've just got to figure out how to do it all with a foot that won't cooperate.

Back to saying thank you. I never want to come across as unthankful to someone who took time from their busy schedule to lend a hand. As for our other friends. Your thank you is on it's way soon. I'm still thinking about that one. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed!

Has someone done something for you or your family without expecting anything in return? How did you say thank you?

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Jenny K.

September 6, 2011

Paper Plates & Cookie Sprinkles Wreath Tutorial

Are you interested in making this wreath?
Yeah! I'm flattered that you like my idea! Follow the step by step tutorial below.

Supply List:
50 white paper plates (give or take a few, it's going to depend on how tight you make your flowers)
grapevine wreath form (I used a JoAnns 50% off coupon I paid $2.50 +tax)
2-3 cups of coffee (plus a bit extra for yourself)
craft glue
small bowl
small inexpensive paint brush
cookie sprinkles
hot glue gun & glue sticks
ribbon of your choosing
large dish for coffee
cookie sheet

Step 1:
This is going to give the paper plate flowers an antiqued or aged look. Soak each plate in coffee, ball it up so it gets lots of wrinkles and then flatten it out on your newspaper surface and let it dry so it's not dripping. Then transfer the plates to some sort of drying rack. I used my mini greenhouse and it worked perfectly. Now you wait until they dry completely.

Step 2:
Cut each plate into spirals. These do not have to be perfect. It's actually nicer to have each spiral a bit different. It helps create a nice variation in each flower.

Once all the spirals have been cut you can proceed to the burning step. Please use extreme caution when doing this. I set up a little work station using a large cookie sheet where I put the candle and the water dish. That way any melting wax or burnt paper fell on the cookie sheet rather than my counter. Start with the outside of your spiral and work your way to the center making sure to keep on the section of the paper that you're burning near the flame.The plates burn really fast so it's best to have a dish of water right next to the candle to extinguish the flame quickly. I actually found that dipping it in the water once I saw the edge that I wanted was better than trying to blow the flame out. Blowing it out created a very smokey environment. Dipping the paper in the water extinguished the flame immediately with very little smoke.

Step 3:
Now you've got all these gorgeous spirals with burnt edges and it's time to assemble the flowers. I found that the easiest way for me was to pour the craft glue into a small dish and then use a paint brush to spread the glue. I started with the center and added some of the sticky stuff and then proceeded to work outward. You can roll these as tightly or as loosely as you like. It's really nice to have a variety and it makes it easier once you start building the wreath. You will have areas that need a small flower and areas that need a large flower.

Just keep on working until all 50 flowers are assembled. I will warn you that this is a messy process and the burnt edges do crumble a bit and fall to the floor. If you're like me and you've got kidlets running through your mess, keep a vacuum nearby and suck up the burnt pieces periodically. ;) That will keep them from being tracked through the house.

Step 4:
Adding the cookie sprinkles and building the wreath. Add your ribbon to the wreath form and hang it somewhere that you can easily attach your flowers. It's so much quicker to build and get proportionally correct when it's at eye level. I used the same paint brush and the same craft glue to dab a little design in the center of each flower and then pour in the cookie sprinkles. I used last years Wilton, halloween, variety container. This is optional. You can leave the flowers as is and build the wreath. I think they are just as pretty without the added color. Once you've got all the flowers ready you can begin gluing them on to the wreath form using hot glue. Make sure you mix up the flower sizes. That keeps it more interesting.

Voila! The ready to hang wreath.

But wait... you can embellish it however you like. I added a spider charm and formed the word "eek" out a couple silver pipe cleaners to hang in the center of the wreath. I also added the verbiage "Welcome To Our Web" using some scrapbook paper and sticker letters on the bottom right. The top left I used the same scrapbook paper with cardboard letters that I painted black. I wish I would have used the word "boo" instead of "eek" twice. I also attached some black trim to the paper using my sewing machine. Embellish yours however you like and make it your own! Make a Christmas wreath or next spring you can create some gorgeous flowers using pink, green and yellow cookie sprinkles. Paper plates can be quite versatile and lets face it, you can't eat off of those things. They're way to flimsy for that.

All the scrapbook paper and the charm I won from a favorite blog of mine last October. I wanted to make these. April did an amazing job with the paper collection and I was so inspired but when I received the collection I only had a couple days and decided I'd save the paper and trimmings for this year. I want to do the "You've Been Boo'd" neighborhood thing. That's when you leave treats at your neighbors door with a little memo, ring the doorbell and run as fast as you can. They'll never know it was me! :~) I hope to share that project with all of you in the coming months. For now you can gather inspiration from "Sauviloquy". Her creativity is boundless!

So thrilled to be featured at "The 36th Avenue" on 09/09/11!!! I found her blog a couple months ago and have admired her ever since. Fabulous creativity! If I could figure out how to add her button I would but I'm having trouble.

Shout out at "Tatertots and Jello". Woo Hoo!

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Jenny K.

September 5, 2011

Paper Plates & Cookie Sprinkles

The Nester issued a wreath challenge. I looked at it as a challenge anyways. Make a wreath out of something out of the ordinary. At first I wasn't going to participate because this time of year is REALLY busy. But one day I had a "Flash of Genius" (just rented that movie) and in my minds eye I saw how beautiful paper plates could be with a little time and attention to detail.

There are several steps involved and I will share those in my next post. I'm linking up to the "You Made A Wreath Out Of What". Check it out. There are lots of GREAT creations!

I wasn't sure how much I wanted to embellish the wreath and I decided to photograph it before I added the Halloween references.

Which do you prefer? With embellishments or without?

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Jenny K.

September 1, 2011

Interval Training...

sounds so much better than "Couch to 5k". Doesn't it?

When I say couch I may as well be saying "lazy & fat" to 5k. I don't want to hear that I'm lazy and fat even though that's what I may be thinking. I never sit on the couch. Well at least during the day. At night I like to catch a program or two on the teli. Picker Sisters is one of my new favorites. Have you seen it? Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST. That's neither here nor there so back to the running thing. Interval training sounds like I'm truly serious and know what I'm doing. Shhh... I don't. However, I do like to relive my glory days. My "thin" glory days. I ran cross country in high school. I was never one of the top runners but I finished the race every time and I had so much fun doing it!!!

So I started this "Couch to 5k" program once again with a couple neighborhood girlfriends in an attempt to get healthy, maybe lose a few pounds and prepare for an upcoming 5k in my area. I tried this last fall and didn't run the race because I had only gotten to the 2 mile mark. I'm an all or nothing girl. Either I'm going to run the entire thing or not do it at all. Anybody else like that?

I did the graphics for last years race and then revised them for this years race. The 5k got the feature, front page article in a local community newsletter that I also designed. I've got an invested interest in this race.

Will I run it this year? I'm working on it. My body is sore and tonight will be the third night I'm out doing my interval training. (sounds better doesn't it?) Will I lose some weight? That would be a bonus. Will I feel stronger if I accomplish this goal? Most likely! Will my brain release valuable serotonin and make me a happier person? That's what I hear. This should be a win, win situation!

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Jenny K.
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