November 4, 2011

A Visit to Carter Mountain

Apple Picking at It's Finest

You may have noticed if you've been reading this blog for a while now that our family likes to pick our own fruit beginning with strawberries in the spring, followed by blueberries beginning of summer, blackberries mid-summer and apples in the fall. Oh, can't forget the pumpkins and if I could find a pick-your-own raspberry farm we'd be there in a heartbeat.

This year we took a trip back to Carter Mountain, just outside of Charlottesville, VA. It is a really beautiful orchard with lots and lots of variety. My favorite is Granny Smith because it's such a great baking apple with it's wonderful tartness and dense texture. It doesn't get all mushy at high temperatures.

Here are a few photo's from our adventure.

Some people got the luxury of using one of those basket on a stick thingies to snatch their apples, we used our kids. Or I should say, my handsome hubby, used our kids. Needless to say he was worn out by the end of the day.

They were able to reach a few on there own once we got to the Fugi Apple section. We had to go way back into the orchard to find trees still loaded with apples on their lower branches.

A hillside provided some entertainment for the kids after all of our hard work. We ended up picking over 40 lbs. of apples that day.

First thing I made was homemade applesauce in the crockpot. Mmmmmmm..... yummy! No sugar needed. Peel, core, slice and fill the crockpot up to the top. I sprinkle cinnamon on the apples and let the crock do the rest. About 14 hrs. later it's saucy goodness. Make sure to give it a stir occasionally.

Then I made this:

Mmmm Hmmmmm..... a deep dish apple pie. Have you heard, pies are the new cupcakes. Yeah... they're all the rage. Big ones, little ones, medium ones, pies on a stick, hand pies. The skies the limit with a great crust. Then fill it with what you love. I haven't met a pie I didn't like. Raspberry is my absolute favorite!

I just made an apple, blackberry pie last night with a white cheddar crust. It's got a lattice top and everything. Photo's coming soon. I'll share the recipe & source if it's as yummy as I hope it is.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections!

Jenny K.

p.s. Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. I'll try not to go so long without dropping a line next time. We've just been so busy trying to enjoy EVERYTHING fall has to offer while the weather cooperates. I've also been really busy with graphic design jobs but I've completed a lot of projects so hopefully I'll be back for a spell.


  1. I've never tried making apple sauce in the crockpot but it sounds like something I can handle. The kids looked like they enjoyed the outing and I'm sure the whole family enjoyed that pie.

  2. That pie is beautiful, Jenny!! I can't wait to hear how it came out. And I love your new profile shot :) You are just so beautiful-inside and out!


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