November 9, 2011

Using What I Have

Yesterday I did a lot of yard clean up. The weather was perfect for being outdoors. Sunny and around 70° and I figured I better get to it now before the cold sets in. I had a phone conversation with my mom this morning and they're getting a snow storm right now and expecting 5 - 10 inches. Of course that is way up in the U.P. of Michigan but with weather patterns the way they've been nothing would surprise me at this point. Even a snow storm in VA in the middle of November.

Back to the yard work... I had to cut back all the vines that grew around the columns of our front porch and then some. The frost had killed them and they were looking pretty rough. I did my yearly seed saving from the hyacinth first and then the rest got stuffed into lawn & leaf bags.

I ended up with four large bags. That's a lot for a small yard. My back is sore today and I overslept this morning. A sure sign of hard outdoor work. Oh and not to mention I had to wash my hardwood floors on my hands and knees afterwards because my oldest tracked dog droppings through the house yesterday afternoon. So my knees are sore too!

The good that came of all the clean up yesterday are these lovely gladiolus reeds.

Last year I used them indoors to do this.

This fall I decided to use them on the front porch to fill in where the vines once grew. I wound them tightly using jute, tied them off and then attached them to the columns with another piece of twine so they won't get blown over.

I think they're the perfect addition to our porch right now until Christmas decorating begins. I had enough reeds to adorn both sides of the steps.

Have you used anything unusual or unexpected from your yard or from nature to decorate lately?

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Jenny K.


  1. They look beautiful Jenny! You make me want to make our front yard and porch look better...sigh.

  2. I found some unexpected gourds while cleaning out a fence yesterday. Using those for a bit of fall color on the porch.

  3. love your blog & your front porch decor! My family is also from the UP of MI! ;)


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