November 21, 2011

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

And A Holiday Card Design

I've been pretty busy prepping for the upcoming holidays and sewing slipcovers for my family room furniture but I thought I'd drop in and share a little design project I recently did for a new client.

These professionals have a fun, custom card designed for them each holiday season and when they contacted me to assist them with this years greeting I jumped at the chance. They decided to highlight the fundraising bike ride that they participated in. Requesting a "Santa and Reindeer" theme and then sent me head shots of each of the employees to get me started. I decided to illustrate merrymaking, patterned, paper-doll clothing and a plaid sleigh then string it all together with cheery lights.

Such a fanciful little project and much different than the corporate work I've become accustomed to.

Speaking of Christmas cards. I'm trying to decide which design I like best for our family greeting this year. An even tougher decision is trying to pick a family photo out of the bunch of wonderful photo's my friend and photographer took of us a couple weeks back. Stay tuned, I'll be sharing that soon.

Do you have a favorite photo card company?

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections!

Jenny K.

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  1. Great job on that Christmas card! It definitely says "fun!" Love it! Sometimes I miss graphic design. Sigh. :)


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