November 22, 2011

Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder

A Thanksgiving Dessert

I don't know about you but I can never find Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder. None of the grocery stores I frequent carry it and all of Martha's recipes that contain chocolate usually call for the Dutch Processed variety.

I stopped in at my local Target Superstore this evening to get a prescription filled and checked the baking aisle. I didn't see anything labeled Dutch Processed. I asked an associate nearby and they of course told me it was a brand name that they didn't carry anymore and cocoa powder is all the same. I had a hard time believing that. If it was all the same why oh why do they take the time to type out Dutch Processed in a recipe.

I went back to the cocoa powder section and decided to read the backs of the labels and I found one that said the chocolate is alkalized in the Dutch way. Hmmmm..... I bet that means Dutch Processed.

This is it...
So if any of you are like I am and have no idea where to find Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder I believe I have finally found some. I'll let you know how my cake turns out.

I'm making this for Thanksgiving...

A Salted-Caramel Six-Layer Chocolate Cake (photo via)

Doesn't it look delightful? I'm supposed to use a candy thermometer for the caramel but the one I ordered from Pampered Chef, through my sons preschool fundraiser, has not come in yet. I guess I'm going to have to wing it. My layered cakes usually never stay upright. They're always sliding around. Say a little prayer for me. I'll need it with everything else I'll be cooking and baking.

UPDATE: This cocoa powdered was sweetened and the recipe called for unsweetened so I had to reduce the amount of sugar. I also did not attempt the caramel without the candy thermometer. I may give it another try when my thermometer arrives.

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Jenny K.


  1. If you have a WinCo in your area, they carry Dutch Process in their bulk foods section. I believe that "Dutch Process" means that there is fat in it, or something. It is worth the extra effort when you can find, it.....although I have substituted regular unsweetened cocoa for Dutch Process a few times and had okay results. Good luck with your cake! It looks DELICIOUS!!!!

  2. Good luck with your cake. I'm fortunate that my family likes pie as my cakes never turn out. Wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Yes! YeS! YES!! That drives me batty. I have ordered dutch processed cocoa from king arthur flour does make a difference!
    The cake looks divine!!!

  4. Oh my gosh...I'm freaky for chocolate anything. When I saw your gorgeous cake -- oh my, oh my, oh my. I could almost taste it! I would love to be eating that for Thanksgiving dinner. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and friends.

  5. OMG.....I'll be right over for that cake!

    Happy Thanksgiving. I have happy to have stumbled across your blog.
    Lots of 'do-able' ideas.

  6. Hi, I get my dutch processed cocoa from They carry a lot of great things. If you do your carmel without candy therm. it usually takes about 10 minutes and will turn a nice toffee color.


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