September 26, 2011

A Painted Chest of Drawers

And a lifestyle photoshoot.... 

Having my daughter in the background of this first shot reminds me of the Ethan Allen ad campaigns minus the outlet on the wall.
This piece has been waiting, even begging, for it's makeover from our garage. Several months back I spotted "Curvacious" on the side of the road at an auction house. I quickly turned the car around, got the dimensions, called the handsome hubby and then sealed the deal. $95.00 for a solid piece of furniture with character. Just look at the beautiful silhouette. You sure can't find that anymore without paying a high ticket price.

This is what she looked like before:
I used the paint that we used on our bedroom walls. Idyllic and StoneCastle by Valspar. The StoneCastle is on our ceiling and on the drawers and the Idyllic is on the walls and the body of the dresser. I wanted it to blend with the space perfectly because it's in a really tight spot and it needed to be absorbed into the wall. I left the pulls the way they came. I like the high contrast that that offers.
Before painting it I put down a couple coats of an oil based primer, then a couple coats of the paint and then a clear wax.

I absolutely love the results and I'm one step closer to creating the master that I really want. It's a slow go but at least it's a go. Right? Right!

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Jenny K.


  1. Beautiful! Love the colors and that dresser... Why can't I ever stumble across anything like that??? Wonderful job!

  2. stunning and what a deal!

    i am actually on the hunt for a piece very similar to that for my daughter's room! she already has a night stand, just need a dresser!

    great job!

  3. That is so So SO beautiful! : ) And I really don't think anyone would've noticed the outlet on the wall until it was mentioned! I need to find some cheap pieces I can spiffy up for my bedroom, but I am just not that crafty.

  4. I LOVE furniture transformations...I think they're my favorite thing! And this is one of the beautiful! :)

  5. Lovely find! Great job of refinishing too! :)

  6. What a nice dresser! I think i can only get similar design in IKEA. the dresser looks so much beautiful after your transformation.


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