September 17, 2011

One of My Favorite Things

in the fall
...and there are many...
is heading out to the barn where my oldest daughter takes riding lessons. The weather is finally cooperating and it is so enjoyable to be out in the country with horses. This becomes a Friday night outing each week for our family September - November.

It all started with my son insisting on bringing a treat for the horses. When he couldn't find an apple he pulled the celery out of the refrigerator. Then Big Sis said she didn't eat her apple from lunch. Hmmm... She's supposed to eat the good stuff first. That's the rule anyways. So the handsome hubby cut up the apple and put it in a baggy and we headed out to the farm.

My son is feeding Gigi a piece of apple before the lesson begins.

Then Mona Lisa and then Phillip & Aiden & Mike & Candy and the dogs got in on it too. Every time a piece of apple fell to the ground the dogs did not hesitate to gobble it up.

And now on to the first lesson of the fall season.

She rode Aiden last night. He was a well trained machine and a complete joy to watch her ride.

The smile says it all.

Here he is at a slow canter.

And she's still smiling.

Positioning to go over a jump...

and another jump.

While she was riding the wee ones were busy too.

Climbing trees and running through the field. (One shoe on and one shoe off)

There isn't anyplace I'd rather be on a Friday night.

How did you spend your Friday evening?

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Jenny K.

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  1. Did you make his shirt? Love it! What a beautiful way to spend a crisp evening. I miss Emma's riding so much...the smell of the hay and the beautiful animals. Glad you had such a great time!


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