August 3, 2011

Family Road Trip 2011 Wrap-Up

The Farm, Some Fun & A Wedding
Grandma & Grandpa O's horses. The one in the back is a horse I grew up riding. Her name is Pepper and she is really up there in age but still looking so spry. She happens to be blind but she manages quite well with her baby, "Tawny", taking care of her. It's amazing how keen an animals senses are. Tawny watches over her Momma and guides her threw the field. The kids enjoyed spending time with these gorgeous animals.

I felt sorry for my niece Avery's, little dog, Finny. Because of her small size the kids were all over her. My wee one took her dress off AGAIN. I have no idea where it was when I was taking these pictures.
Let me just say that I think my favorite time to take pictures is when the sun is going down. You have to be careful with shadows but if you get your direction correct you can achieve some of the most beautifully lit pictures in your collection.
One of my favorite pictures is the one at the top. My daughters walking through the field with the horse just behind them. I just might have to enlarge this one and get it framed.
My son had been talking about Grandpa's heavy equipment for weeks before we made this trip. Because we live in a development that is still under construction my little guy sees a lot of bulldozers and backhoes that he cannot touch. One day while walking to the garden we were passing some equipment and he said, "Boy I sure do love Grandpa!" It must have triggered his memory of all the talk that Grandpa had all of this stuff. So shortly before we left Michigan Grandpa O took him for a ride on the bulldozer. What little boy wouldn't be enamored by this. Grandpa is his hero!
We took the kids to a Go-Kart park one of the days we were on vacation. Down the road a little was a riding stable. What is not pictured here is myself and my two daughters taking a trail ride. My wee one insisted on riding a big horse. She didn't want to go in circles on the little pony. The stable allowed double riders on the trail if the child was under five so I took her with me and she was as good as gold the entire 50 minutes. I think I've got another rider on my hands. When the handsome hubby is in charge of picture taking there are usually very few photo's. I really wish I had a few for my photo collection. It's not often that a two year old rides.

We also visited a little ice cream shop and at the end of the night when we were dog tired I had my mom take a pic of my sister-in-law and I. I should have had her take a photo of us at my mom's kitchen table putting our makeup on before we left for the day. LOL!

Then there was this beautiful wedding. My husbands oldest brothers, oldest daughter was married in May with a big ceremony in Minneapolis and then did it all over again in Michigan. I really thought it was going to be a small reception only but it was a full blown wedding with a horse and carriage followed by a big reception. The bride was stunning, the groom was a hoot, the wedding was beautiful, the reception had wonderful comfort food and we got to visit with family. What more could you ask for?
We stayed with my husbands family at the end of the trip. I was able to get a few photo's of my husband with his Momma and his brother Tim. I also grabbed a shot of my oldest daughter with Grandma K. They had the exact colors on that day. A pale yellow with black accents. Perfect! Uncle Tim showed the kids his newest additions to the farm. A miniature stallion and a couple goats. What is not pictured are the two cockatiels and the rooster. The kids would not leave those poor birds alone.

Thanks to everyone for making our Family Road Trip a success! We miss all of you and look forward to our next visit. Much Love!

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Jenny K.


  1. Looks like it was a wonderful trip! Moya and I are headed up north with my Mom pretty soon. Love it up there! :)

  2. Beautiful shots! I left you an award on my blog, too :)


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