August 27, 2011

Changing Things Up...

In The Dining Room
I have yet to finish decorating all the rooms in my current home and it's been six years. Because I'm decorating on a slim budget and I have to purchase things in onsies and twosies it seems to take forever and then just when I think I'm done with a room I decide I want to start all over again. Will I ever complete what I see in my minds eye before I want to change it? At this pace - probably not.

Anyhow, I finally found a set of white dishes that were reasonably priced. Now I've got another option for food photography as well as another set for entertaining other than the red set. Yeah! White is so much more versatile. I spotted a great set on clearance at Ballard Design several months back and I kept checking online undecided on whether to buy or not. I waited to long and they were gone. Do you ever do that and then regret not jumping right on the deal? I do it ALL the time. So that's why when I spotted these dishes at Marshall's I did not hesitate to load them in my cart instantly. Eight bowls, eight dinner plates and eight salad plates. They had mugs but I didn't buy those. This set was a great price and it has just enough decorative detail.

I'm also adding the word "DINE" somewhere in the space. I'll most likely wrap these letters in twine. I've seen the moss covered letters and considered that but I don't want to chance bits of moss falling off in my kids food. God forbid moss fall onto a guests plate.
This room is currently an apple green. with red accents. I really loved it when I first painted it and for a couple years after that but now I've grown tired of the green walls. I'm trying to decide what color to paint them. It has to be something that works with my color scheme throughout the entire house. There needs to be a flow and a sense of thought and purpose behind the choice. The problem is I don't want the red anymore either. However, that means replacing the red rugs and the red drapes and repainting the red ceiling. Yes, I said "red ceiling". Chaching, Chaching! Did I mention the red kitchen?

I can see my husband twitch and cringe every time I mention wanting to change things. He truly believes that when I do something in a room it will remain that way forever. So he mentally checks it off the list never having to revisit that project again. I on the other hand know full well that in a couple of years I will grow weary of whatever it is I've been looking at. Styles change, there are always new trends and color combinations to try. I've considered a shade of blue grey, maybe a honey wheat or even a really pale taupe. I want to brighten my space up a bit.

While we were visiting the Outer Banks last week I went into one of my favorite little home decor shops. It's called "The French Door". I got to talking with the sales clerk about the current economy and housing and I told her a little about my situation. I'm a girl that grew up on a small farm with a great family and a great upbringing. Large open spaces, beautiful views and privacy. I let her know that my husband and I bought a house in a cute little development at the height of the market. It wasn't our plan to stay more than three years. It's been six years now and we find ourselves in a position where we can't sell unless we want to take half of what we paid. Ouch! We also don't feel comfortable leaving the area and renting our house out because jobs are scarce and to uproot your family when you've got a good paying job isn't the smartest thing to do. My husband tells me that over and over again. But my heart tells me something quite the contrary. Our oldest daughter has 5 years left of school. I didn't want to put my roots down here. I wanted her to finish school where we planned to officially settle, close to our families. So we could share holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and on and on. So all the kids would know their grandparent's better and enjoy their aunts, uncles and cousins.

There's more to be said but I won't bore you with the details. To bring this story to a close the shop clerk said, "Isn't it funny how things come full circle? We end up wanting what we had growing up." If only I'd have know that 15 years ago. But I didn't. Now I do. Maybe some of lives decisions would have been different. I always looked at Virginia as a building block or a training ground of sorts and then we'd move on to our true purpose.

To give me a little pep talk she said, "it might be something as simple as a paint color on your walls to make you feel like it's more like home and  maybe you can bring in pieces or accents that remind you of where you grew up."

I've got a lot of work to do. I don't think any amount of paint or accent pieces will fill this void in my heart. But I'll give it a try.

Now to get back to decorating and entertaining. I picked up those great drink dispensers in the photo above at Pottery Barn and they're resting on some white cake stands that I purchased at Marshall's. They had bright colored ribbon woven around the edges but I swapped it out with a jute ribbon. Much better for the final look I'm going for.

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Jenny K.

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  1. You know I feel you on the wanting to be home. I wish it were different and easier for you, friend! I love the dishes, though :)


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