July 19, 2011

Tomato Harvest

I interrupt the previously scheduled vacation photo lineup to bring to you...
Caprese Salad
Using some lovely heirloom tomatoes I recently harvested from my garden, coupled with sweet basil I started from seed, I made this mouth watering Caprese Salad. The basil is so fragrant and sweet I could have eaten the entire platter myself. A gourmet meal, perfect in every way. (at least for a girl)

This is so easy to make, simply layer sliced tomato, large leaf sweet basil and fresh mozzarella. Drizzle with olive oil, salt & pepper and serve at room temperature.

Pictured above: Purple Cherokee, Brandypink, Giant Oxheart, Roma & Tomaccio.

So far I've made two large batches of salsa which the kids devoured without hesitation. I need to decide what to do with this batch of tomatoes. I wanted to can but I'm nervous I'll ruin an entire batch of tomatoes and that would be so wasteful. A fellow gardener suggested freezing them. That makes me nervous as well. Homemade sauce may make it to the top of the list and then freeze that. Anyone out there with experience canning have any great tips?

Pictured Above: Tomaccio & Chocolate Cherry.

The Tomaccio are supposed to be a specialty tomato best when sun dried. They're wonderfully sweet and I think work well in a salad. I may try my hand at sun drying. That was my original plan but I'm hesitant to try something new right now. My plate is really full. No pun intended.

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Jenny K.


  1. I was just reading in some magazine about freezing them whole, after blanching the skins and shocking them in cold water to peel, then just popping them in a bag and freezing. I think I would try that before canning. Canning acids makes me nervous!

  2. GORGEOUS tomatoes and Caprese salad. I can't wait til ours are ready. Don't laugh, but last summer, I made sun dried tomatoes in my hot parked car!! Instant food dehydrator. Google it!

  3. Hi Jenny! Wow!!!! What a harvest. I'm still waiting for my 'maters to ripen. Love caprese salad ~ a favorite. I freeze tomatoes all the time. I've only frozen romas though. Frozen tomatoes are perfect for sauces, soups, chilies. They slip right from their skins as they thaw. A lot less work than blanching, skinning, seeding, etc.

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous harvest with us.

  4. I just found your website and am loving your garden photos as I anxiously anticipate Spring's arrival here in frigid Wisconsin!

    I also wanted to chime in with some thoughts on storing your harvested tomatoes. What I do is blanch my tomatoes until the skins crack, then I drain, and dump them into an ice water bath to cool. After this the skins peel off super easy and I place the whole, skinned tomatoes in my food processor. I pulse them until I get whatever thickness I desire (I usually leave mine a little bit chunky vs. pureed) and then transfer them to freezer ziploc bags. They take up much less room than if you were to freeze them whole, plus when you want to make spaghetti, chili, etc, they're all ready to go!

    1. Hi Aimee, Great tip! I'll have to give that a try this season. Thanks for reading!


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