June 6, 2011

Why Not?

Make a Garden Flag out of your leftover fabric.
This was quite simple to make. I used the leftover fabric from my pillow cover project. I backed the flag with the floral pattern and the front is the solid quilted fabric. I then used some scraps to cut out the letter "K" and the flowers. I also had some leftover apple green ric-rac that looks like a small wave of grass running along the bottom. Do you have any leftover fabric in your stash that could be put to use making a custom garden flag? I bet you do.

I added the flag to the landscape right between two hydrangea bushes to the right of the porch. They're beginning to bloom and the colors go so well with the flag and the pillow covers. I love hydrangeas. I have three of the limelight variety on the side of the house. I would like to add a couple of the pink blush hydrangeas somewhere in the yard but I'm running out of space. I can't ever bring myself to cut the blooms and bring them indoors. They add so much beauty to the yard.

Here are a couple photo's of the pillows in use. I love having a bistro set on the porch. It's shaded in the morning so it's a nice spot for a simple breakfast and a cup of coffee.

The narrow pillows are being used on my rocking chairs.
I'd love to find two small indoor/outdoor area rugs in a neutral shade to use underneath the rockers and the bistro set. I think it would give the space a more polished appearance.

Four window boxes reside on the ground level. Two rest on the porch rails and two are mounted to the outside windows. If I had a little more foresight when I purchased these boxes. I would have purchased 5 more for the upper-floor windows. That would be really pricey but would also make a huge impact.

These are the petunia's and the coleus-versa that I grew. I added Calibrochoa (sp?) and Verbena to the mix. Next year I'm definitely looking for these seeds to start in my little green house. I love how beautiful they are combined with the petunia's and coleus.

The corsican mint looks fantastic spilling over the edge of this once painted terra cotta pot. I actually prefer the worn paint look so I'm going to keep it this way.

I've got a few of these orange lilies planted to the left of the porch and they give a great pop of color while in bloom. They also multiply each year with a few additional stalks. Definitely worth adding to the landscape.

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Jenny K.

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  1. I was so glad to get to catch up on your blog today! EVerything is so beautiful and your pics are gorgeous!!

  2. your space is amazing! love the flag. love it all.

  3. Those pillows are absolutely gorgeous! I'm enjoying the delicious decor on your blog!

  4. Oh how I love your porch setting! So inviting - I can see myself sitting there with a cold glass of sweet tea.


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