May 26, 2011

Raised Bed Garden Progress

Thyme Spent In The Garden

Let's just say that this garden is exceeding my expectations. I had no idea how quickly everything would grow and I haven't added a single drop of fertilizer. I did purchase some organic fish protein but have not had to use it to date and I might not have to. I do have some bugs making some of my plants look spotted and that doesn't make me happy. So I made a trip to the local farm store and they suggested an insecticidal soap. The leaves of some of the plants got a spritzing. Now to wait and see if it works. Our family garden is the one with the green, metal fence posts, nine to be exact. We'll be stringing plastic-coated clothesline along those posts to tie the tomatoes up as they grow. I think it might just work.

Remember this photo taken the weekend my plants were put into the raised bed? I can't believe what four weeks has done. One of the most gratifying things about this entire process is that I started all of these plants from seed except for four zucchini plants and three eggplants. I still can't believe how well my little seedlings are doing. I could sit in the garden all day and watch everything grow. Very therapeutic!

Zucchini Blossoms. Beautiful, don't you think?

I met a new neighbor today and we got to talking about all sorts of things. Mostly her Beagle, Maxine, but we got on the topic of the garden and she had said she would have liked to have participated but had a lot going on at the time everything was getting underway. Long story short, I mentioned the zucchini & squash plants were already blossoming. Sandy, my new neighbor, told me to save the blossoms and to stuff them with a cheese mixture & then bake them. YUM! Doesn't that sound delicious? She said, "Don't waste a thing." I love meeting new people that share an affinity for gardening.

Goldbar Squash Blossoms. I'll have to stuff these too. Mmmm.... Mmmm... GOOD!

Ground Cherry Blossom. This is one of the plants that is looking spotted because of those darn bugs. I took a photo of the pretty part and spared you the ghastly holes in the leaves.

Radishes. These are at full maturity 25 days after seed sowing. Everyone should plant radishes. It's almost instant gratification and makes you feel like you've got a green thumb and you know a little bit about what you're doing. I enjoy the taste of a radish. Not everyone does. However, they were planted around each of the squash plants to keep bugs away and I must say it's working. I planted several more last night so I can harvest these bad boys.

Pepper Plant. My peppers have really leafed out and are beginning to bud. Peppers are a slow go. At least they have been in the past.

Well there you have it. An update on the raised bed garden. I can't wait to show you some actual fruit from all of this labor.

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Jenny K.


  1. i so badly want to have a backyard with a garden! until i move out apartments, i'll just enjoy the beautiful pictures of yours :) xox

  2. That is a beautiful garden! I know, I love inspecting every plant close up looking for the subtle changes that are coming so quick now. This was our first year starting some from seed and it is so rewarding. You'll be harvesting like crazy soon!


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