May 20, 2011

Flowers Started From Seed

Thyme Spent In The Garden

I usually have all my window boxes and hanging baskets fully planted and up in mid-April. This year is different because I decided to try my hand at starting my own flowers from seed so I've been patiently waiting on them or maybe not so patiently. Next year I will start all my flowers in January to ensure that I will meet my own deadline. Below are the Coleus-Versa. Aren't they luscious? Here they are just peaking through the soil. Here they are the last time I posted about their progress and now just look at them.

I planted the hanging baskets just about 2 weeks ago and I've had them on my deck soaking up some additional sun and gaining some size before I hang them on the front porch. Here's a shot of one of the baskets. The white petunia's are wonderfully hardy, early blooming varieties. I also planted a pink petunia, white bacopa combo. The petunia's have started blooming but the bacopa has yet to show me a flower. I added a coleus in the center of each basket with petunia's around the parameter. I also bought a sweet potato vine for each basket. I couldn't find seeds to start my own. The salmon petunia that I planted has a beautiful color but it is not a profuse bloomer as of yet. I've only seen a couple flowers. When they get into full bloom I will take a photo. The color is just lovely!

Here's a shot of the pink petunia in a basket. I can't wait for them to start cascading and really filling out.

Here's a shot of the combo that will go into my window boxes. I purchased the lovely verbana in shades of pink and white to combine with my white, pink and salmon petunia's. I will also add some coleus into the mix. I thought the watermelon coleus was perfect with the flowers. However, I only had one watermelon coleus in the mix. I may go buy 3 more from a local nursery.

I love, love, love starting my own flowers. Next year I will try to find verbana seeds and purple heart seeds and maybe a few more flower varieties. I will plant less vegetables because honestly I planted 2 gardens of my own, added several plants to the community section in our development, gave plants away to two different families and I STILL have more vegetable plants. I'll post an updated photo of my gardens soon. They are growing by leaps and bounds.

I've got Chocolate Mint and Corsican Mint growing in pots. I adore the scent that wafts up from these plants when I brush up against them. The Corsican Mint can be a great ground cover but I really love to watch it mound over the edges of my pots. Tip: Add a few snips of chocolate mint to your coffee grounds in the morning for a wonderful, natural chocolate mint flavoring.

Check out this dill that reseeded itself from last year. I'm so impressed. Now I need some cucumbers or green beans so I can try my hand at canning with this wonderful herb.

I planted some more arugula. It's just starting off but it will grow fast. This is my favorite green for salads and sandwich toppings. YUM! YUM!

I don't want to leave my blueberries out. I've got two large pots on the deck that hold blueberry bushes. Once these pretty little berries ripen it will be a stand-off between my son and the birds to see who gets these anti-oxidant wonders. Last summer the first thing my son did was run to the patio door to see if there were any fully ripened berries for the day.

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Jenny K.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I am so envious of your green thumb!

  2. your garden is beautiful, as is your whole blog. i stopped over from centsational girl's feature of your porch pillow covers.

    happy to join as your newest follower, so i don't miss a trick.



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