April 22, 2011

Good Friday, Lilacs & A Sick Kitty

Good Friday is here and the skies are dark and gloomy and it's much cooler than the last few days have been. Rain is in the forecast but it always seems to go to the North and to the South of us leaving this area in a state of drought. I sure hope this summer isn't like 2010. I'll be praying for rain.

We spent a night in Baltimore near the Inner Harbor and took the kids to the National Aquarium this past week. (pictures to come) The weather was perfect and everyone really enjoyed themselves so that's a happy note. However, I took our kitty to the vet on Monday because he just has not been himself for the last couple of weeks. The vet did some blood work and we found out he is in a state of kidney failure and since that time has been quickly deteriorating. The mood in our house for those of us acutely aware of what is going on is one of great sadness. He has been a wonderful pet. Always good with the kids and friendly with anyone that extended a hand toward him. Our oldest is cherishing each moment she has with L.B., holding him for hours at a time and stroking his head and back. He was her 5th Birthday present.

Even with the cloud over our house I've been keeping everything moving forward with spring being so busy this year and trying to get so much done before the hot, summer, sun starts blazing. My lists keep getting longer and the yard work keeps expanding. There are invites to all kinds of events, and holidays to celebrate. There's a garden to be planted, landscaping to tend to, client projects that need to be finished up and now Easter is here. That means Easter Sunday outfits, Easter Baskets, our annual egg hunt, Easter egg coloring and a big Sunday dinner. But wait... I'm aware that this is not what Easter Sunday is all about. I realize that we're celebrating our Risen Savior and that it's a glorious day with or without all the trimmings. The traditions are always fun but time is limited so we'll see if I'm able to go good on all of this.

This morning I went out and cut some blooms for the house. We planted four lilac bushes four years ago and I thought by now I'd have large billowing shrubs full of beautifully scented blossoms each spring. The nursery said they were easy growers but I've had a lot of trouble with them. Each year only a few of the branches leaf and bud out and the remainder appear dead. So I've had to cut a lot of the wood back leaving me with one or two branches. Definitely not the shrubs I dreamed of when planting them. We transplanted two of the four last year hoping that less sun would make the difference. They survived the winter and produced some flowers but the other two that seemed to be doing well last year have lots of dead wood this spring with only a branch or two full of purple and green.

I usually don't like to cut flowers from my shrubs because I like my yard to look as pretty as possible  but since the shrubs themselves were not spectacular I thought cutting the flowers that I did have and bringing them inside so I could smell their wonderful perfume would make me happy. I snapped a few pictures of them in an old pitcher my mom gave me years and years ago.

Happy Easter and thank you for stopping by Blue Sky Confections!

Jenny K.


  1. I am so, so sorry about your kitty. This must be so hard, especially on Olivia! Prayers this weekend for your family!

  2. Hi Jenny, I just wanted you to know that I'm your newest follower. Your blog is SO PRETTY and I loved looking at your professional site as well. Wow, you are crazy talented.


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