April 14, 2011

A Four Year Old - Where Does The Time Go?

I meant to get this post up at the beginning of the week but again I ask the question... Where does the time go?

My little guy turned FOUR last weekend. I love him so much! He's the happiest, friendliest little guy you'd ever meet. He's never met a stranger and he's oh so kissable. Here are a few photo's from his Birthday Party!

A friend of mine had him hold up four fingers and snapped a pic and my oldest daughter came running over to tell me I needed to do the same. So I did.

Here he is with Big Sis not sure what to make of all the attention. He's thinking, "She's never this nice".

 He was so excited to get that cupcake with the giant "4" cookie and those striped candles.

The bubble party at the close of the party was everyone's favorite. Just look at the joy on his face.

When they turned the bubble machine off my son was the first to ask that it be turned back on.

I made lemon cupcakes with lemon, buttercream frosting, topped with a brightly decorated sugar cookie. I made several stars and several number "4's". I topped all the cupcakes with the stars except the one for the Birthday Boy. He got the big "4" on his cupcake.

These almond flavored cupcakes with chocolate frosting and toasted coconut were made specially for the parents that attended. YUM! These are a favorite in our household.

Now he's got his very own car. He's thrilled to be able to drive to the playground, then drive himself to the swing, sit on the swing for a while, hop off and drive himself to the slide, make a trip down the slide and then drive himself over to his sister and say, "get in Rea, do you want a ride to the slide". I look at my children in amazement each day. They glean every bit of happiness and joy out of each moment in life. I LOVE IT! I wish I could be more like them.


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  1. I just love his personality- you are so right-he is so sweet and kind and condsiderate and friendly. You guys have done a wonderful job raising him! Happy Birthday, big guy!

    (AND, those cupcakes were ah-mazing!)


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