March 29, 2011

Seedlings - 4 Weeks Old

Thyme Spent in The Garden

Hello, I wanted to pop in to let you see my "grow-my-own" progress. I love seeing the subtle changes in each plant variety each day as they mature but you can really see major changes when you look at them from week-to-week.
The Coleus-Versa is starting to show it's color variations in a big way. I've got 15 of these little beauties all doing quite well.

Here's the Petunia-Bacopa blend. I love how both of these plants grow so well nestled together.

The Wave Petunias in White and Salmon are getting some size to them.

These wee sprouts are Ground Cherries. I've read that they produce small yellow/orange fruit that look like tomatoes but taste like strawberries. I'll let you know once I see the fruit first-hand and taste them.

The Gourmet Rainbow Peppers, Yummy Peppers and Jalapeno Peppers are starting to show some size.  They take a bit longer to germinate than a tomato seed does. I hope they produce a lot of beautiful, fruit for me this summer.

There are probably at least 70-80 tomato plants growing in my little greenhouse. Eight different varieties that I can't wait to harvest. They are getting pretty big and I think I may have to transplant them into larger containers soon. Maybe I need another greenhouse. This planting stuff is so much fun!

Are you going to grow anything this year from seed?

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Jenny K.

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  1. I was just talking about your greenhouse yesterday to a friend who wanted to start from seeds. They are really coming along!!


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