February 17, 2011

Robin Egg Blue For The Baby

The Thursday Thread

I have read that the repetitive nature of crocheting can relax a person. I believe that to be true. I often fall asleep on the sofa after completing one or two rows of this little blanket. I'm using a gorgeous, bamboo, yarn in a pale shade of blue to crochet a blanket for my wee one. Once I get the dimension that I'm wanting I will trim it out with a scalloped edge in a bright raspberry. Yummy! It will match her bedroom perfectly. I can't wait to finish. I better get moving. It was 69° today and it's supposed to be 74° tomorrow. Definitely not weather for heavy blankets or clothing.

Sorry I missed yesterdays "Winsome Wednesday" post. I have a winsome, project that's just about complete to share. I'll save that for next Wednesday and chalk yesterday up as a sick day. I've been under the weather. Some sort of stomach bug with body aches and chills. Still not feeling great today but my handsome hubby stayed home to take care of the kids for me so I could get some rest. I didn't rest much though. I've been designing some business card options for a Realtor friend of mine. I love print work! Have I mentioned that before? Well I do and now you know.

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Jenny K.


  1. hope you're feeling better sweetie.

  2. So sorry you are sick! That blanket will be so beautiful. Hope you are feeling much better tomorrow!


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