February 10, 2011

Hand Sewn Tool Belt

The Thursday Thread - Linked this project up here. And I am so excited to say it was one of the Smile Monsters picks of the week!!! thank you!!!


I've got a little boy that has been watching me make things for his sisters and others and each time I do he asks, "Is that for me?" When I tell him "no, it's for your sister" or "it's a decoration" he then asks, "Can you make me one, Mom?" To which I have responded, "I'll make you something honey."

Today was the day. I had some cotton duck that I saved from a basket that had been destroyed by none other than the kids. They liked to sit in it and turn it over and use it as a step stool. The basket was pulverized but the liner was still good.

I used that and some left over navy, striped, fabric from years and years ago. I considered his narrow hips and based the size of the belt on that. I'm not going to post step-by-step photo's because there are a couple things I'd do differently. I'll be making some more of these and when I do I'll post the tutorial. They are quite simple and you could probably figure it out all on your own.

Here's my handsome, little, guy modeling his gift made by his mom. He was so excited I took the time to make this for him. He's been wearing it most of the day today. Watch out Ty Pennington. I've got a little carpenter getting ready to take your place.

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Jenny  K.


  1. Little Man is SO cute!! You can see how excited he is in his face....I love it. It is why we do what we do!

  2. I'll be waiting for the tutorial! I'm not so good at sewing so step-by-step instructions are good for me. My boys will love this. Thanks for linking up and Fun For Kids Friday!

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  3. This was one of my picks of the week!


    Come pick up a SmileMonsters Loves Me button, if you like!

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  4. I saw that on the smilemonsters blog, but then I couldn't click on it. I see whatever the problem is has been worked out and think it is so cool! I loved opening my dashboard and seeing your tool belt front and center! Congrats!!


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