February 15, 2011

Daffodils Pushing Their Way Into The Sunshine

Thyme Spent in The Garden

I spotted these just the other day in my backyard. It's only February but maybe these, soon to be, happy, yellow, blooms know something we don't. Maybe just maybe we're in for an early and extended spring.

Remember this list? I posted it a couple weeks back.

  1. Take down rusting window boxes, sand and spray paint
  2. Repairs to outdoor rocking chairs and fresh coat of paint
  3. Cut back all the ornamental grasses and any other landscaping clean-up
  4. Prune rose bushes
  5. Move some of the rose bushes that have gotten really large
  6. Prune Japanese Maple
  7. Prep for decorative pathway
  8. Lay decorative pathway
  9. Find and order Arbor for the start of the pathway
  10. Possibly plant some more summer blooming bulbs
  11. Sew up some new pillow covers for the front porch
  12. Order and spread a fresh layer of mulch (just added)
  13. Clean & seal deck (just added)
  14. Start seeds (just added)
Well it's growing and seeing these daffodils popping up really makes me anxious. I need to start checking items off and very quickly. My hubby says wait until March but I don't think I can. The weather this week is going to be unseasonably warm and it will be beckoning me to get moving on all the yard work.

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Jenny K.


  1. Look at them! I just love daffodils for that very reason. When it is cold and dreary, a bright green reminder that warmer days are coming. So refreshing!

  2. This makes me happy. I love reading your blog.


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