February 2, 2011

Creating a Beautiful, Restful Bedroom

Winsome Wednesday

We are in the beginning stages of establishing a restful, master bedroom. Almost fifteen years of marriage and we're just now doing this. In the past we either have not had the resources or other rooms took priority. I am here to tell you that our space is finally getting some much needed TLC.

This beauty of a bed arrived just before Christmas. The Mister gave the go ahead to place the order and I did not hesitate. My choices had been narrowed down to the bed you see here and a fabric, tufted head board. Both beautiful but in the end we felt this was much more practical and would stand the test of time. I think the fabric headboards will be a thing of the past in a few years as lovely as they may be. My hubby also brought up the fact that the kids would probably soil it and possibly even tear the upholstery and honestly they are quite expensive to take that kind of chance.

Okay so enough explaining the decision. Our goal for the overall look and feel of this space is relaxed, coastal cottage. I'm going to do my best to achieve that by using soft, sea, colors, weathered woods, painted furniture and simple accents. I scored the first few pieces of bedding at some pretty good prices. I'm looking for a large, bolster pillow that I can make seasonal, fabric, slip covers for and some really great sheets. Over time there will be some accent chairs, a small desk, an oversized, floor mirror and more. I will be sharing our progress right here on Blue Sky Confections. It may take me a year or two so please be patient.

I do love the colors of the two larger cans of paint and would like to use something very similar in our space. Stay tuned for a possible decorative paint treatment somewhere in the space.

It's getting quite late and I need to head to bed so I can get up and face another day with my long list of to do's and the kidlets that NEVER RUN OUT OF ENERGY!

I'll leave you with a few photo's I captured today with my new camera. I finally got a chance to test it out a bit.

It was a balmy 68° today. Just a little taste of warm weather to come. Back down into the 40's tomorrow. Mother Nature is such a tease! Taking advantage of this great weather the kidlet's and I went outside for the afternoon spending upwards of 3 hours at the playground and walking trail.

My son came out of the womb smiling. His joy is so contagious!

He was making "dinner" using mulch. He always asks me if I want some coffee and then heads underneath the largest piece of playground equipment to his make believe kitchen to brew a pot for me. So sweet!

Ah... the scrappy, wee one. She's quite the handful - but oh so kissable. She likes to climb up and down and up and down making me work really hard chasing her around to ensure she doesn't topple off any of the equipment.

Oh... I love my kids SO MUCH!

My oldest was in school today so she wasn't able to enjoy the outdoors with us this afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections!

Jenny K.


  1. That bed is absolutely gorgeous! And, I love those colors, as well. Perfect for a master retreat. Now you just need an extra strong lock on that door!

  2. I am so in love with you blog. Thank you so much for the comment on my page! Its nice to know someone is reading my blog. You and I would totally be good friends. You've inspired me to make my home adorable like yours. You are so pretty and I love the craft ideas you have! I'm hoping to be able to stay at home with my baby more and sell of my crafy items online. Just an idea right now, but I'm workin on it :) xoxo Nikki

  3. I really love that bed...can you tell me where you ordered it from? I have never seen one quite like that.

  4. I really love the bed... could you tell me where you ordered it from? I have not seen one like that before.
    Thanks, oh and I really like reading you blog as well!


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