February 21, 2011

Chest-of-Drawers In The Raw

Dear Miss Monday I didn't want to greet you today. I almost never do. I wanted one more day to square things away before I hit the ground running. I know I'm feeling better but now my little guy is under the weather. What are the chances this virus leaves without affecting the other three in this nest?

I woke up thinking about my list of design jobs, my list of household chores, this dresser I bought off of the side of the road yesterday and my blog. With my mind so full already what kind of week will this be? Will I have anything to post this week? My focus must be on my client work and making it the best it can be. Knowing that would consume the time I'm not tending to the children, fixing meals and doing the household chores my blog may have to be put on hold. If I can pull it all off I'll be surprised.

I'm making the effort to blog tonight. I hope I can continue to post throughout the week but more importantly I hope I'm able to work on and finish up some projects.

On my drive up to the 'burg yesterday to purchase my oldest daughter a highlighting kit to give her locks a sun-kissed look I spotted this lovely piece of furniture. She was sitting on the pavement next to another chest-of-drawers. Definitely the prettier of the two with her curved lines and fancy pulls that caught my eye. So I asked my daughter to take a photo of "curvaceous" with her cell phone and send it to daddy. (that doesn't sound good, does it?) I decided if it was still there on our way back my handsome, hubby could go check it out to see if it was worth the $95.00. Well low and behold she was still sitting on the pavement, the mister took a look at her and thought she would work. I tried to wheel and deal with little success. We got $5 shaved off. I'm new to bargaining but I'll get better. I don't normally do this sort of thing so I guess I was feeling a bit gutsy. I have an entire master bedroom to decorate on a shoestring budget so I suppose that brings out the moxie in every woman.

Bottom line is this, I wanted a chest-of-drawers with these proportions. I knew I wanted a painted piece to fit the design aesthetics in the master so shape and build were my main concern. This piece is built solid all it needs is the paint. Not to mention it's about $1,200.00 less than what I have been pricing and that leaves me more money to work with in the rest of the room. Cha.... ching.....!

The hubster said he would clean it up and run some sand paper over her and that leaves me to pick out the right shade and paint. Do I go bold and bright or subtle and subdued? This is the room she will be resting in so subtle and subdued will probably be best.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections!

Jenny K.

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  1. That is BEAUTIFUL! I have been looking for one similar for the longest time- you are so lucky!!
    Was it from the guy with all the gas station signs and stoplights? We have bought quite a few things from him...
    I can't wait to see her all spiffed up!!


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