January 26, 2011

winsome wednesday

Winsome |ˈwinsəm|
attractive or appealing in appearance or character

I love the word "winsome". While a lot like the word handsome it has a much more feminine ring to it. Don't you think? I chose it as one of the words to describe my blog and I'm pulling it out again for my Wednesday posts.

Today I'll be sharing a restoration project with you.

The above is obviously the before shot. Below is the after. It's very winsome.

This debonair secretary was in my parents basement for years. When my mom asked me if I wanted it I jumped at the chance. My brother hauled it down from MI when he brought the barn board. This furnishing needed some T.L.C. There was a hole in the side and so that entire panel needed to be replaced. We asked a neighbor who is a carpenter and woodworker by trade if he would do the repairs for a fee and he agreed.

Once the furniture was back in our hands I decided I wanted to paint it. Since it's such a sturdy piece it probably should have been sanded down and stained but I didn't want anymore brown in my home so a shade of blue it was to be. My intention was to use layers of color in shades of blue and grey along with a sanding block to make it look more coastal cottage but the pottery glaze blue is starting to grow on me. So I sit undecided. Until I make my decision I thought I'd share it with my readers.

What do you think?

I know it's original intention is for filing mail and office supplies but don't you think it would be great storage for board games in the bottom half and kids art supplies in the top? Function, function, function... with three kids all furniture in our home must have a purpose.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections!

Jenny K.

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  1. You KNOW I love this! What a beautiful, beautiful piece! That desk must be so proud to show off his new 'do...GORGEOUS!


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