January 5, 2011

trendy blog award

This award was passed to me from a wonderful friend of mine. She's a fantastic writer, an amazing mother, a home cook that puts me to shame and a very creative and crafty gal! She's weathered quite a bit in the past couple of years and has still managed to stay so positive and uplifting. Follow her blog you won't be disappointed. Thanks Stephanie, it's an honor to be called friend by you!


Now the name of the game is to list 10 blogs that I follow and tell why I love them. If they so choose they can pass the trendy blog award on down the line. Grab the blog button here.

Some new blogs that I've really been enjoying are:

Kendi Everyday: Beautiful, practical, fashion trends presented so nicely. Follow her blog here. I especially enjoyed this New Year's post.

Geninne's Art Blog: This woman does what she loves everyday from an amazing at home studio in Mexico. I adore all of her artwork. Check out her blog here.

Give Some Happy: What a wonderful idea. Spread happiness wherever you are. I've been asked to do a guest blog post sometime in the beginning of the new year. What a nice gesture on Brandi's part. Thanks Brandi! Follow Give Some Happy here.

House of Turquoise: I just love turquoise and all the shades that surround this lovely hue. My office is a testament to my adoration. This site showcases home design using my favorite color.

Some tried and true blog favorites:

Second Sister: Visit her blog and you'll see why.

Happy Little Studio: Just the best scrapbooking gal I know. Amazing ability to create lavish layouts and chronicle her families life while doing it. She's a beautiful woman inside and out and she never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and love for what she does! I'm blessed to know her and call her friend! Follow her blog here.

Gussy Sews: Just love her adorable personality and zest for her sewing business. Check her out here.

Some local friends with great blogs:

Places Called Home: My good friend Leah is a Realtor and she blogs about all things local as well as tips to enhance your homes value and spruce things up in general. Check her out here. If you need a great realtor she's the gal to call!

Preppy Carpetbagger: Here's a woman with a great sense of style, an appreciation for restoring an historical home and a personality suitable for hosting a talk show if she would so choose. Check her out here.

Greenhearts Farm: Local farm with community at heart. She's an amazing cook and recipe creator. When I first met her she gave me a jar of her plum preserves. They were wonderful. She sells her items at local farmers markets and does do some deliveries from what I can tell. Check her out here.

Whew... well that's a wrap. I know you will enjoy all of these blogs. I do.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections!

Jenny K.


  1. You are so awesome, and I am just trying to keep up with you! Beautiful blogs you chose!

  2. What a great idea Jenny! I'll be sure to check out all the blogs - quite a few I already follow. It was really a pleasant surprise to see GiveSomeHAPPY listed, thanks so much for including it. I'm really looking forward to featuring you on the blog in the near future. :)

  3. That was a wonderful post. I can't wait to peek into the other blogs you awarded. And, I'm so glad you enjoyed the preserves. The making of Damson preserves is a third generation tradition in our family. GreenHearts Farm - Jen Lane

  4. Aww...thanks Jenny! Love you friend! And I love your blog too! When things slow down I want to come back and check out all the blogs you listed.



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