January 15, 2011

Treasure Hunt Party & Puzzle Keepsake Part 2

1. I'll start with the treasure hunt birthday party invitation. I recommend this for ages 8 -13.

Here are my thoughts on creating an invitation to wet the appetites of the potential party goers.

Get a visual, in your minds eye, of the aerial view of your neighborhood or place where you reside. Pick out the most recognizable landmarks and take digital photo's of each one. Draw out your map, add street names, and photo's along with all pertinent party information such as date, time, rsvp and contact information. My husband and I got clever and started the invite out with a little riddle.

Try your best to make it look like a real treasure map. If you don't have access to some great stock photography for backgrounds try printing it out on craft paper. When you've got the prints done go ahead and crumple them up and maybe even burn the edges to give it a really worn look.

2. You must create your puzzle next. Because this was a birthday party I saw it fitting to create two photo puzzles of the birthday girl. One for each team. This puzzle has 9 pieces and you will have to have eight clues. Give each team their first clue and puzzle piece to start the treasure hunt.

Like I said in the previous post you can take the puzzle line art and drop it right over the photo. Those will be your cut lines when you get it back from the printer.

Download the free puzzle line art here.

3. Each team will need a map of the community. This map is pretty close to identical to the invitation.

4. Now consider each of the riddles that will be packaged with the puzzle pieces. These riddles will need to be concise and make the kids wheels turn. I featured four of our clues below. My handsome hubby is really a great writer and he came up with the majority of these. He can write poetry, songs and riddles. I love that about him. It's really a great strength and I hope he pursues it further one day.

Now make sure to package the puzzle piece in a cellophane bag with the clue attached using ribbon. Then you get to hide them around your community.

The first team to return to home base and assemble their puzzle wins. Here's where the prizes come in handy. I didn't want anyone to feel left out and ended up giving both teams the same thing. I noticed the disappointment on the winning teams face. If I did this a second time I would definitely reward the winning team with the prize and then have little goody bags ready to hand out to everyone.

5. After all the fun and games celebrate with a cook out, cake and ice cream!

6. Finally send a thank you to all of your fabulous guests!

Now, to Create a Keepsake Using the Puzzle:
I wish I had photo's of all the steps but it's fairly simple so hopefully my written instructions will suffice.

Save the puzzle pieces. Find a 1/2 inch thick piece of cardboard. I used some packing material from a desk we had purchased. You'll need to use a sharp box cutter for cardboard this thick. If you don't already have some Mod Podge pick up a bottle. Follow the instructions on the bottle and let the artwork dry for the recommended time.

Shop for some 1/2 inch thick ribbon, color of your choice.  I used an inexpensive, double-sided, satin ribbon and then layered black, rick-rack over that. Use a hot glue gun to get the ribbon to stick to the cardboard. Make sure the ribbon is long enough so it drapes nicely when tied.

To hang the finished product I picked up a couple pieces of cabinet hardware at my local home improvement store and bought a package of hanger bolts. Hanger bolts allowed me to attach the cabinet hardware directly to the drywall. This is what they look like.
Put your own twist on this fun party idea and then embellish your puzzles however you like.

I linked this party idea up here.

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Jenny K.


  1. I love this idea! You pull everything together so well. I had planned a ghost hunt at halloween but scrapped it at the last minute because I was having trouble getting it all to come together the way I wanted. Now I am inspired by your post to try again next year!

  2. What great party theme! Your poem that said "not old enough to date" was cute. Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday!

  3. This is a great idea for a party for all ages! It’s a cool concept that can catch the attention of your desired guests. Plus, this one’s kind of unique. Good planning and preparation at least months before the party, will help make a party theme like this one to be successful.

    -Rosalinda Hone


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