January 11, 2011

some of my favorite things

I decided that I would share some of my current favorite things with you today.

First up...
This Chobani® Greek Yogurt is absolutely hands down the BEST yogurt I've eaten. It's thick, rich and creamy. I've tried other brands of greek yogurt and let me just say you can't go wrong with this brand. The raspberry happens to be my favorite flavor. Read more at the Chobani site.

I really enjoy this Tazo® Chai Tea. This spicy blend is my favorite alternative to a cup of hot cocoa in the cold weather months. Tazo® also has a really cool website.

I've got one of these KitchenAid® workhorses. I use it several times a week. Mine happens to be silver but isn't this copper version just beautiful? If you don't have one in your kitchen you must put it on your list. You can buy one here.

Moving on from the kitchen to the closet...
These riding boots by Steven Madden are so sharp. I don't own them but I would like to. Find them here.

Then there are these whimsical, silver stamped necklaces. Both of which I'd like to own. They are original designs by Lisa Leonard. They would be a great Valentine gift, don't you think? I keep hinting to my hubby but no luck yet. If you visit Lisa Leonard's website and enter your email address she'll send you a 15% off coupon.

Maybe I'll share some more of my favorites at a later date.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections.

Jenny K.

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  1. Love them all. I drink a vanilla spice tea that I LOVE every evening after my wine to settle in for the night. I have tried on every pair of riding boots I can find and they just do not fit my enormous runner calves. I am so in love with those boots!! Finally- who can live without a kitchenaid? I ADORE mine! Now I just need to try the yogurt. I still eat sugary vanilla yogurt...not very healthy...


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