January 10, 2011

I've got slipcovers on my mind


Well I'm glad you asked. The arm of the love seat in my family room has a tear in it that seems to be getting larger and larger. When I asked how the love seat got torn no one seems to have an answer.


Now some would say, "Just go buy a new sofa." I like that idea as well, however, I have small children and if I know them there will be more tears in the future or at the very least stains. So to spend $3,000 - $5,000 on new furniture while our kids are still young just does not seem like a wise way to spend money. Especially since there are other rooms that need furnishing and feathering.

I've done some online searching for slipcovers and haven't come across much that would look great in my family room. So I decided to pick up a how-to book. "Quick & Easy Slipcovers" is the one I purchased. If you're interested you can check it out here. Something tells me there's nothing quick and easy about this endeavor. For starters the book states that you need to make a pattern out of muslin first and sew that up to make sure you have a good fit. Then take it apart and use it as a pattern for the real fabric. Does anyone out there in blog land think that sounds quick?

Now I don't know when I'll get to this project. It's one in a very long list of to-do's. But it is necessary and the sooner the better or I may not have any fabric covering that arm. The kids seem to enjoy picking at it just like they enjoy picking at little imperfections on my painted walls.

Rest assured I will post a finished slipcover photo when I complete the project. Pray that it doesn't bring me to much frustration and tears.

Oh... did I mention the love seat has a matching full size sofa that will need to be covered as well? Two large pieces of furniture. Yikes!

On a more positive note, I'm almost finished with the project featured in the top left quadrant of the photo below. I posted this pic on my blog in fall 2010 and had hoped to finish it by November but that did not happen. It is ginormous, it is a gift for someone/someone's I love dearly and I really can't wait to package it beautifully and send it off. Photo's of the finished project to come.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections.

Jenny K.


  1. Haha!! I love to be upbeat and positive but from experience, I can assure you it shall bring much frustration and tears!!But, will be so worth it when your couch/loveseat look exactly as you wished. Definitely do the muslin route, I wish that I had taken the time to do so. It sounded like a waste of $20 to me at the time, but it would have made things much smoother. I used cotton duck and it looks better every time I wash it. Good luck!!

  2. girl, you can do it. i have a lazy girl tute over on my blog...i would go with the cotton duck. that's what i've always used. washes great!


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