January 21, 2011

handmade afghan

It's finally COMPLETE! I've been working on this afghan for more than a year-and-a-half. I went for several months not working on it at all and sometimes I'd only crochet one row in an evening. Although in my defense a 68" row proved to be quite a feat when my small children were climbing all over me.

I taught myself how to crochet a little less than two years ago utilizing YouTube and a couple books. One of the books a good friend gave to me after she saw my plea, filled with frustration, in a Facebook post. Thanks Kim! It really helped a lot.

My first project was a scarf for my handsome, hubby. Although, he never wears it and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because it hangs down to his knees. I got a little carried away and apparently was having to much fun. I should have stopped sooner. It also could be because the yarn is a multi-color in orange, gold and taupe. Not my fault, I told him to pick out the yarn he liked while we were at the craft store and that's what he chose.

Then there was a scarf and matching hat for my oldest. She did wear them last year. I haven't seen her pull them out this year. I even crocheted a little flower that I attached to the hat. I love crocheted flowers and I'd like to do more of them. I thought about adding some to this afghan but it needs to be gender neutral so I opted out. My third project is the feature of today's blog. Doing a piece this large really helped me get my stitches uniform. So there is a method to my madness.

My skill level is now intermediate and I'm ready to move onto project #4. I will be using yarn made from bamboo. Doesn't that sound cool? It's so soft and the colors are sublime. While it will be much smaller in scale it will be done with just as much love.

Handmade gifts are wonderful to receive and even more fun to give. I really hope the benefactors of this blanket get lots of use out of it. I purposely made it ginormous so it could be used on a bed or while curling up on a sofa to watch a movie.

I will be wrapping it up and mailing it off in the coming week to some well deserving loved ones.

The finished afghan measures 68 inches x 68 inches. I didn't plan for a square but it's what it ended up being and I think that's pretty great!

Here's a tip for someone just starting out with the art of crocheting. Pick up one of these Pocket Guides. I wish I had in the beginning. I would have caught on to all the crochet speak in the YouTube videos much quicker and my frustrations could have been quelled from the start.

Crocheting is easier to pick up than knitting. My sister-in-law tried to show me the basic knitting stitch while visiting over Thanksgiving. Thanks Melissa! I haven't tried since then but I do plan to test the waters soon.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections.

Now I'm off to prepare dinner.

Jenny K.


  1. It is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and the size, and of course your adorable models all wrapped up in it! I am sure that the recipient will TREASURE this for many years to come!

  2. It's beautiful Jenny! Great job!


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