January 14, 2011

handcrafted puzzle & a birthday party idea

This fun and simple project will leave you with some great artwork for your child's bedroom. This entire concept started with a birthday party, treasure hunt. I'll give you a small bit of information today and complete the tutelage tomorrow.

First up... I took some fun photo's of my birthday girl with her pets, did a little Photoshop work and then drew out a puzzle template in Illustrator. (I will share the free template tomorrow.) I overlaid the puzzle onto the photo using Photoshop and then sent them off for printing. You need to use a source that can do large scale prints. When the prints were complete I glued them onto a heavy, heavy card stock with spray adhesive, once dried I cut the puzzle apart using a very sharp xacto knife.

Before they became artwork they were treasure hunt, game pieces. The individual puzzle pieces were packaged in color coded, cellophane bags and had a clue attached. The bags were hidden all over our neighborhood. I divided the party guests into two teams. Each were responsible for finding their own puzzle pieces as quickly as possible and then returning to home base to assemble the puzzle. The first team to return and put their puzzle together were the winners.

I'll give you more details on creating the handcrafted wall art as well as birthday party pointers tomorrow. Until then here are a couple more photo's of the finished wall hangings.

These are part of the decor in the burlap and barn board room. They make great keepsakes for my daughter and bring back fond memories of when she was only eight years old.

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Jenny K.

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  1. How lovely, Jenny! I love that idea. You are so creative, supermomma!


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