January 20, 2011

expensive cheese week and other ramblings

You know the days you have when nothing seems to go right? or at least that's how you perceive it! I so badly want all my hard work and efforts to culminate into something bigger. I get tired of the tedious, mundane tasks that surround me on a daily basis and I'd like to be able to focus on the things that I can complete with finesse and check off my list. Sadly dishes, laundry, bathrooms, windows and the like can never be crossed off my list. Which is most likely why I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I've got a half-dozen almost finished projects of which I'd like to blog about but until they're complete I must wait.

This post is titled "Expensive Cheese Week" because I tried a new recipe that required 3 different types of cheese. It was good but definitely not good enough to take the time, effort and money to make again. It will be filed under "I tried this but probably won't take the time to make it again".

I had some chorizo sausage that I needed to use up and when I saw the Bobby Flay Throwdown last week I was inspired to step out on a limb. The limb of "maybe the kids will eat this". Like I said it's okay but it's a pricey, time consuming dish that didn't give me the "oh my goodness I want some more of that" feeling.

However, this recipe is worth making again and it is why I had leftover chorizo in the first place.

For those of you that do not know, chorizo is a spicy Spanish pork sausage. Best in my opinion when mixed with another meat like flank steak.

I also have some gruyere that I will use on this amazing dish tomorrow night. I know it's amazing because my friend made it for "Hot Momma's Night Out" this past Friday and it's definitely worth the expensive cheese.

Tonight will be a simple meal of fish, baked potato, salad and raspberry jello. The jello is per the request of my three year old.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections.

Jenny K.

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  1. The tacos sound amazing...those will definitely be on the menu next week! Thanks for sharing!


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