January 7, 2011

building a beautiful, functional home office

My husband bought the beautiful desk pictured above as a Christmas gift for me this past year. I was in need of a work surface in my office that I could use for multiple tasks. One of which is setting up my sewing machine on occasion rather than having to use the kitchen table. This lovely piece of furniture came from Ballard Designs. Well of course now I need a chair that is worthy to sit next to this desk.

I started an online search. Of course the only thing I was able to find at the time that came close to what I liked was a custom design starting at $2200.00! Yikes... I don't know about you but $2200.00 just is not in the budget for an office chair. To be honest there is not a budget for an office chair right now. But a girl can dream.

At the turn of the new year Ballard Designs sent me a thank you note along with a 15% discount code and the newest catalog. My husband calls coupons and discount codes "a trick". I call them "a little boost". Wouldn't you know this lovely white washed chair with camel colored leather was right before my eyes. YUMMY! Doesn't it make you think of a mocha cupcake topped with homemade, whipped cream frosting and a drizzle of salted caramel?

I guess I have a craving for something sweet.

My office walls are already painted Pottery Glaze Blue by Valspar® and there is a hammered silver lamp sitting on a chocolate colored side table. Brown, silk draperies and an amazing turquoise and brown area rug adorn the space.

My handsome, handy man told me he would construct built-in bookcases with a white wash finish around the archway that leads into our family room. That's the reason for a white desk. I've been envisioning white built-ins for a long time now. We'll also look into having an electrician install ceiling lighting. I want to put in a glamorous chandelier. The office was originally supposed to be the formal living room but I needed an office and who uses formal living rooms anymore?

This post makes me feel a bit like Candice Olson from "Divine Design". She pulls out all of her swatch books and flooring samples, breezes through them and voila she's got an amazing space designed and fit for royalty. Oh the fun she must have with those nice, design budgets and contractors at her beck-and-call. Again... a girl can dream!

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Jenny K.


  1. My good friend, no one uses formal living rooms anymore, except the rich that have full time nannies to keep the children out of any space labeled 'formal'! This is so beautiful. I do believe I have been eyeing that same desk...sigh...you are so lucky! I hope you get that perfect chair!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished office Jenny!

  3. It sounds so lovely, and yes, at looking at the chair, I too, was thinking desserts. But mine was a creme brulee, with its thin stained glass of sugar on top that you have to tap and break with a spoon. I can't wait to see more pictures as you go along. And the pottery blue paint is one of my, hands down, favorite colors. Reminds me of Robin's Egg blue and all things beautiful.

  4. Sounds beautiful! Lovely desk!


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