November 12, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

It's been a while since I posted. I seem to work in spurts. Truth be told my internet service and my computer have been acting up all week. So I've been archiving file after file to clean off my MAC Daddy of a computer and I ordered new operating system software as well as the new CS5 upgrades and a new magic mouse. :~) I can't wait to install everything and freshen up my work zone.

On another note...
This weekend we will be undertaking a bathroom remodel. Wish us luck! We've never laid tile before. There was some water damage to the existing builder grade flooring and so my hubby cut a hole in my oldest daughter's bedroom wall to see exactly where the source of the leak was. He discovered it will be a simple fix and now we'll be replacing the flooring with some really pretty tumbled tile. Everything in this bathroom needs to remain light and bright because it's very small and it has no natural light. Once the tile is down we [he] will install white, bead board, replace bathroom fixtures and I might even get away with purchasing a new mirror for the space. We've [he's] got four days to complete the entire bathroom with three kids underfoot. Can it be done? I'll keep you posted.

I plan to post before and after photo's next week. Until then I believe we've decided on the lighter of the two shades of tile and the "Biscuit" colored grout.

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Jenny K.

November 4, 2010

not always blue skies, but rainy day's = productive days for me

This is what it looks like today outside my office window.

What do you see out your window?

I love a rainy day? The kids sleep in a little longer and that means I'm able to get a head start on my day. This morning I made an apple pie, baked a couple loaves of light wheat, french bread, and put a pork tenderloin in the slow cooker using this recipe. I'm going to serve it with garlic, mashed potatoes on a bed of arugula. Doesn't that sound yummy? I also did a couple loads of laundry and now I'm getting a chance to post on my blog.

The kidlet's have been enjoying their new movie, Toy Story 3, while I bake, get dinner started and tidy up the house.

Here's a photo compilation of some of what my day has entailed:

I recently put together a blog banner design for The Broughton Family. Stacey was my giveaway winner from a while back. Here's a peek at a comp. There may be some changes but until then I'll post what I've got.

I've also been working on a logo for a new client of mine. I'm really excited to be designing for them. They are some of the nicest, hard working, people you'd ever meet. When it's complete I'll post the finished product. Then it's on to their website and possibly some print materials.

I hope you've had a productive day as well.

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Jenny K.

November 2, 2010

I voted!

How about you?

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Jenny K.

November 1, 2010

Saying Good Bye to Yet Another October

I can't believe it's already November. Where does the time go? This past month we went to the State Fair, took a trip to the pumpkin patch, hayride and all, drove to a nearby Apple Harvest Festival, took part in our neighborhood Harvest Festival, attended a great party thrown by friends of ours, made costumes, and let the kids collect lots of candy door to door last night. I didn't get the amount of photo's I would have liked. My son wouldn't even put his costume on last night so I'll have to try and dress him in it to capture a photo so I have it for the family photo book. I want to be fully present in each thing we do but my mind is either on to the next thing or thinking about what I could have done better on a previous project. Does anyone else feel the same?

Here are a few highlights from yesterday's festivities:
My oldest dressed up as "Olivia the Pig" from the story book series "Olivia". She was supposed to put her hair in pigtails with red & white polka dot ribbons but was being a bit grouchy and didn't want to make the effort. I bought her a great red dress that she can wear again at Christmas with a black belt and some pretty jewelry.

The baby of the family was "Little Red Riding Hood" and I'm proud to say I made the costume with my own two hands and I love how it turned out. I was inspired by this book. It has great instructions and several more adorable projects. I had to modify the poncho in order to add a hood and I used ribbons instead of a snap as the front closure. These are the first wearables that I've sewn and I'm thrilled with the results. I also plan on sewing some little pants with the leftover fabric using instructions from the same book.

Daddy was the "Woodsman" and our son was "The Big Bad Wolf". He was running around somewhere behind me when this picture was being taken without his costume.

I did take some time to make a double batch of sugar cookies, just as I did last year, in the shape of pumpkins, leaves and new to the lineup this year was a mask with the addition of a cookie stick so you could hold them up to your face just like the real thing. The masks were inspired by this blog. I didn't have a cookie cutter in this shape so I used a pair of kissy lips side by side and then had to press the dough in the center so it would be one entire cookie rather than separates. They were lots of fun to make.

 ...and here is the infamous boy. The one who wouldn't wear his costume but would pose with the cookie mask. hmmm.... do you think it has anything to do with the fact that it's a cookie?

I hope to be posting lots more this harvest season.

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Much Love,

Jenny K.
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