December 7, 2010

the gilded forest

Years ago we lived in North Carolina and in the town we resided was a plant nursery that housed a Christmas shop during the winter months. The shop had some of the most spectacular holiday trimmings and displays I had ever seen. I was told, by one of the employees that worked at the shop, that the wealthy would come in and buy entire trees already decorated for thousands and thousands of dollars. Wow! I'm still not there but back to the point of this story... Scattered throughout the store were trees glistening and gleaming with lights and laden with ornaments.

There was one tree in particular that stood out to me and it was tagged "The Gilded Forest". What a whimsical title. The tree was not your typical run of the mill Christmas tree variety. The branches were spare and spindly but the tree itself was large in scale, at least 12 ft. maybe taller. Adorned with woodland creatures, glittered pine cones, gold lights and sophisticated in every manner it left an impression on me.

It wasn't the decorations per se but the entire mood of the tree. I could just imagine being in the middle of a freshly snow covered forest and happen upon this whimsical creation. Like the mice in "Cinderella" the squirrels, the birds and all the other little creatures adorn a tree in preparation for Christmas.

In my efforts to begin recreating that mood I moved our original tree into my office space and added crystallized garland from top to bottom along with a few bulbs in muted tones of green and gold. I found some beautiful, faux, mercury glass, acorns and large beaded snowflakes and then hand glittered eight large pine cones. There are also gold/silver plumes and a lit star adorned with topaz colored gems at the very top. I will add more ornaments in the years to come but for now this is a good start.

My house is quiet right now because it's quite late. The tree lights are glowing as I write and I have set the tone that I wanted with this tree with just a few embellishments.

The pine cones are drying after being hand glittered. I used some twine that I attached to each pendant over my kitchen bar and a stick to hang the pine cones. Looking at them all hung so nicely in a row I thought that this would make a really pretty window display. You could go really crazy and do a row of glittered pine cones for each window in your house. I know, I know.... who has the time? for now it's only a thought.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections and Merry Christmas!

Jenny K.


  1. This is beautiful! (Of course!) I just discovered a love for mercury glass and I am afraid it could be an expensive addiction. Post pics of your beautiful outdoor displays soon, too- your home looks gorgeous at Christmas time! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your tree is lovely Jenny! Beautiful job!


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