December 3, 2010

almost finished - bathroom remodel

Bathroom Before:
Ugly... I know!

For some reason when I chose the color "aloe green" I thought it would be soothing. It was nothing of the sort. It's taken me a long time to get over that decision. Years in fact. I tell myself that it might have been soothing in a large space with lots and lots of natural light and that's what made me choose that color in the first place. Whatever the reason, I am older and wiser now and that color has been banished from my repertoire.

When I last posted I had high hopes that our little bathroom remodel would be done in a jiffy. Four days to be exact. Well that didn't happen. You see when you've never done something before you run into little hiccups to which you must find answers to before moving forward. Some of those hiccups were having to run to the home improvement store 2 and 3 times a day to pick up things we either didn't have or returning things we purchased because they weren't the right product. Then of course there were two more little hiccups. Hiccup 1 and Hiccup 2... they were in the middle of it all as much as they possibly could be. What's the fun in a DIY project when there aren't little "Hiccups"?

Hubby looks pretty happy in spite of all the chaos.

Water damage was the catalyst to this DIY and I am thanking the "Good Lord" above right now for that water damage even after the stress of having things torn up in our house for a bit. Mostly because the results are so much better than what was in that space originally and also because my hubby probably wouldn't have agreed to this remodel. :~) See honey, God does answer my prayers! LOL

Bathroom After:
First up are the new fixtures. We replaced all the cheap, builder grade, fixtures with these beautiful. oil rubbed bronze pieces. What a difference that made. Now I want a granite sink but that's for another post. Because this room is mainly used by my tween daughter it needed a little glam. I found this pewter framed mirror at Kirklands for $29.99! Bonus Buy! It was on sale. Then I found this little silver dish that reminded me of the beach. I don't know why, but it did. I found it at Ross for $3.49. I also found a pair of bath rugs in a cream and pale blue stripe for $6.99 at Ross. They were on clearance. I'm a bargain hunter when it comes to home goods. I'm a bargain hunter when it comes to everything I suppose.

I painted the top half of the walls a deep colonial beige which happens to be the same color in my tween daughters bedroom. Bead board covers all the walls 60" up and then it's capped off with a nice trim. I found this beautiful paisley print shower curtain at Target for $29.00. The "Bath" sign was a purchase from years ago for $12.99 at Marshall's, the jar of shells was a gift from a dear friend of mine and the towels were a purchase from Target a while back.

All in all, my hubby did a wonderful job laying tile, hanging bead board and installing trim. It's because he really, really loves me and it was that love that drove him to finish. LOVE is a powerful thing! It had nothing to do with me nagging him. I don't nag!

The crown molding still needs to be installed and the transitional piece between the hallway hardwood and the tile bathroom needs to be popped into place. I also need to purchase some vanity hardware and a few more decorative items.

Up next the Master Suite. The bed has been ordered!

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections.

Jenny K.


  1. Everything looks SO great, naturally! I love barak's helpers :-) And, we never nag...we just persistantly remind. Great post!

  2. I love the colors you chose - lovely.


  3. Nice colors, fun shower curtain -- great job :)

    And I HATE the multiple trips to lowes or HD when projects are happening... Sometimes you don't even get through the checkout line before your cell phone rings with something ELSE to buy! :)

  4. Great looking bathroom. The color pallet you choose works very well for the space. Im a big fan of the faucet as well.


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