October 12, 2010

why the blogging community has drawn me in...

like a kid to a candy store!

It was probably about 2 years ago when I started following Cindy's blog. We met in college in the Visual Communication program at Ferris State University. She became a very good friend of mine along with several others in my program. Spending four years with the same group that made the tough cuts year after year you tend to form long lasting bonds. That doesn't mean we chat on the phone daily but we have kept in touch over the years and for that I'm grateful! Anyways back to her blog... she took her design talent and has channeled it into some really fabulous scrapbooking work. She's been published in magazines and books, featured on a television show and lots more. I'm proud to say, I went to school with some really talented people!

Cindy's blog, Happy Little Studio, was my introduction to this vast online creative community. There is an entire world of artist's and crafters out there blogging about their daily lives and how it coincides with their passions. That intrigued and captured me and I haven't been able to walk away. I decided to start my own blog and share my creative energy, my projects and a little bit of my family life in hopes that I may inspire someone out there with similar interests and maybe just maybe meet some new friends.

The blogging community is authentic. There are no creative directors, stylists and marketing experts putting a spin on everything before it goes out. I'm not dogging that world because I'm a part of that world, I'm a graphic designer and it's my job to make things look there absolute best before the masses are informed.

Here's where I will share a little about a freelance project that I worked on fresh out of college. A large agency in NC brought me in for a few days to paint picket signs for a political cause. My instructions were to make them appear as if they had been done in someone's garage. They didn't want them to look professional because it needed to look like a grassroot's effort. Oh yes, even if picket signs look hand done chances are they weren't done by the people holding them.

Therefore, I believe one of the reasons blogging is so popular is because the readers want to see the real deal, the vulnerable daily struggles of a mom that's trying to drive her at home business sales and do the best to take care of her family all the while forming relationships with her followers and buyers. You can't buy the kind of brand loyalty that builds.

Now every crafty girl loves Martha but lets be real, Martha does not do all of the things in her monthly publication calendar plus a magazine, a tv show, now a network, product lines, home shopping sales and on and on and on. I know she's resourceful but stop making us feel inadequate MARTHA. She's smart and she's cloned herself over and over again. I have a deep appreciation for the authentic and I'd like to share a few blogs that have held my interest for a while now.

Happy Little Studio

Second Sister


Lisa Leonard - It's The Little Things

Tatertots & Jello 

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections.

Jenny K.

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  1. Aww, thanks for your kind words about me and my blog sweetie! You are an inspiration to me and have been since college! ((hugs))


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