October 25, 2010

spice up your own home decor for the season affordably

While doing some yard clean up this week and cutting back plants that were dieing off after their summer show I had an idea. The gladiola stalks are quite lovely even when they're browning so why not use them for something else. Using what I already had and combining it with clippings from my yard I was able to create some pretty spectacular centerpieces for my dining room table.

I typically have these tall pillar candle holders on the dining table but for the autumn season I surrounded the pillars with the gladiola stocks, secured them in place with some twine and then cut a piece of chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon purely for cosmetic purposes.

Add a couple of these to your table and it makes quite a statement. I encourage you to consider what you already have in your home and in your own yard that could be transformed into seasonal decor. My cost = $0... my husband REALLY likes that!

My front porch also gets a punch of color with lots of beautiful mums and pumpkins. Rather than putting my mums in pots I purchase inexpensive burlap and cut squares large enough to wrap around the plastic containers that the mums come in. I then secure the burlap with large rubberbands or paperclips and then tie some ribbon around the burlap to conceal the bands. I've been using the same burlap and ribbon for the last three years now. The ribbon may need to be refreshed but the burlap is still holding up to the elements quite well.

In an earlier post I highlighted the pillow covers that I had sewn for the bistro set that resides on the front porch. I also made a set of covers for the pillows on the black rocking chairs. Have I mentioned that I love having a sewing machine? Well I do... and there's so much more that I want to sew. Stay tuned for those projects.

Here's a picture of the front porch from the sidewalk. I've added a few more things since this picture was taken and I may share that later. I love the ornamental cabbage in my window boxes and the moonflower vines that have wrapped themselves around the white columns. I hope you've been inspired to consider what you've already got in your own home and yard.

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Jenny K.


  1. Great ideas and lovely front porch!

  2. Beautiful decor Jenny. You always have such wonderful ideas.

  3. Thanks ladies! I appreciate your kind words and your readership!


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