October 27, 2010

old frames, fabric scraps, a few stitches & some paint = light, bright and fresh wall decor

So today is WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY right? Except for the dog that pee's a river every morning when I come downstairs, even though he was let out an hour before by my husband. It's tough to start out the day in a good mood when having to get the scrub bucket out first thing each day! I'm going to do my best to change my attitude and not let it alter my course. I'll let you know tomorrow if I was able to do so.

On a brighter note this is a little project I've been working on this past week for butter babies room.

Have you noticed the trend towards the light & bright in home decor? Well I have, and now I feel a little left out. I've got two rooms that haven't been touched yet in the house and those are the master bedroom and bath. These two rooms will most likely get the full, light & bright treatment. As for the rooms that have already been painted, furnished and decorated... well I feel like it's time to start all over again. Shhhhh... don't tell my husband just yet.

My babies room has all the basics in place and now her room needs what I call "the jewelry". The above photo's are the beginning stages of that jewelry.

I started with this as my framework...

an old gold mirror, three little mirrors that had previously been painted white and two oval frames that housed some old artwork. The mirror is waiting to make it's debut. It requires additional layers of paint.

This is all I used to transform those old frames...

For the artwork I used some scraps of fabric, some felt and embroidery thread. I created my own little owl template and then got to work cutting and stitching. I also bought three silver door pulls at my local home improvement store. They were on clearance. I sprayed the tops with some of the same paint used on the frames and then with paper toweling rubbed in a circular motion leaving most of the color in the detail areas of the knobs.

If you can hand stitch or if you've got a sewing machine download a free template of the owl here
NOTE: This owl template is only FREE to those creating items for personal use. This owl template IS NOT FREE to those looking to sell items using this owl template. If you would like to sell items using this owl template please inquire with me and I will work out a price based on what you are making/selling. Thank you very much for being honest and adhering to the guidelines.

Tip: Don't discredit old frames and mirrors that you've got in your basement or closets. With a fresh coat of paint they can be transformed into modern day decor for just about any room in your home.

Thanks for stopping by Blue Sky Confections on this Wonderful Wednesday!

Jenny K.


  1. Wow those are cool! Awesome job girlie! Love them! What fun "jewelry" for your sweet girl to look at on her walls!

  2. Great project...nice pics! Another thing to add to my DIY list... :)


  3. Thank you for your owl pattern. I have used it to make a card.


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