October 8, 2010

burlap & barn board

Do-it-yourself headboard, draperies and more...

DIY PROJECT 1: The above barn board traveled all the way from Upper Michigan to make its second debut as a headboard in my oldest daughter's room. My father is an excavator and on occasion he takes down old structures and saves the boards for future use. Sooooooo when my brother made a trip down to visit us a year-and-a-half ago I asked that he bring some of this fabulous barn board. The possibilities are endless with this beautiful weathered wood. I must give my husband credit for building this great focal point. Didn't he do a fantastic job!?!?

My daughter wanted a barn themed room. She loves horses and everything about farms and the country side and so I set out to give her what she desired. This room is still not complete. There's a lot of decorating yet to be done but the foundational pieces are in place. I'm a budget decorator and while it's frustrating at times when I'm unable to complete an entire room all at once it can be very rewarding to create things of beauty with limited resources and a lot of creativity.

DIY PROJECT 2: The drapes are done with yards and yards of inexpensive burlap. You can find burlap at the local fabric and craft store. Make sure you measure from the point that you want the rod to hang all the way to the floor + 3 inches for finishing x the amount of panels needed. Then I purchased inexpensive white satin ribbon and black fringe. The ribbon is slightly gathered and hot glued to the window side of the burlap and then the fringe is hot glued to the satin. The ribbon and the fringe really give the burlap a feminine touch. TIP: If I was going to do this over I would sew the ribbon and fringe in place. I didn't have access to a sewing machine when these were assembled.

DIY PROJECT 3: Re-purposed finials - The rod and finial sets in my daughter's room were already there but did not fit the new design aesthetics. At first I set out to decoupage some paper squares to the blue glass globes but that was just looking sloppy. Then a light bulb went off... I grabbed a roll of twine that I usually have on hand for tying up plants and started winding it around the finial using, you guessed it, hot glue to hold it in place. Voila! It goes perfect with the new rustic barn theme.

DIY PROJECT 4: Re-purposed kitchen chair - The chair my daughter uses at her desk is actually an old kitchen chair of ours. There are three more of these little pretties that I have other plans for. I painted the chair with a pewter metallic paint and then searched online for a faux cowhide. I found this black and white pony print that has a very light pile. I bought some foam from my local fabric and craft store and then used a heavy duty staple gun to secure the fabric in place on the underside of the seat.

The bottom half of the walls are painted barn red and the top half are painted a shade of beige. The colors are separated by an inexpensive framing board that you can buy at your local home improvement store. I put a coat of white paint on the boards and then my husband secured them in place around the room with a nail gun and then added these great barn door "X's" right under the two windows in the room.

In an effort to give this tween abode a certain level of sophistication that will last the test of time I'm adding black and white elements. I'm still searching for a black and white area rug that will flow with the existing elements and I also have plans to refinish an old lamp and oh so much more. After all really good design is in the details.

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Jenny K.

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  1. Great ideas Jenny and it looks fabulous! Love it!


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