September 21, 2010

a penny for your thoughts

My hubby spotted this tiny creature on our deck this past weekend and encouraged me to photograph it's wonderment. Well, he didn't say "wonderment", that's me. He just said, "hey, you should take a picture of this thing".

I have no idea what in the world it is. It almost looks like a tiny starfish but it has a caterpillar like body underneath all of those arms. Does anyone out there in the blogosphere have any knowledge on this? Has anyone ever seen one before?

Maybe my husband has discovered a new species and scientists will come from miles and miles around to study this bitty creature in our very own back yard. His name will be printed in all the ecological and scientific magazines and books and then they'll name this fuzzy, orange colored insect after him.

I appreciate you visiting Blue Sky Confections today!!!

Jenny K.


  1. I think it is a Hagmoth Caterpillar, but that would be cool if it was a new type of insect. God always amazes me with His Creations!

  2. LOL... Thanks Ginger. I've never seen one of these little creatures until this past weekend. I'm so amazed at the variety of species in the caterpillar/moth/butterfly world.

  3. Hi Jenny... wow i have never seen anything like that before... but i can't tell if its tiny on a veggie in the garden or what, but it reminds me of a peach starfish, lol. I think its amazing.. maybe send off to National Geographic, they might actually use it... they love photos such as that. What a treat to find. Better than a brown recluse spider, YOWERS!! God Bless - michelle ;)


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