September 2, 2010

longing for cool, crisp, fall weather and beautiful, autumn colors

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the crisp, clean air, the fall colors, pumpkin patches and apple festivals. I have a passion for baking pies, doughnuts, apple dumplings and breads when the air is brisk and my family likes eating all of those goodies with that cool, weather snap. Mmmmm.. Mmmmm...

My oldest daughter is in the photo above riding a horse named Christmas Bell, last October. Just look at that gunmetal gray sky and how the trees smolder. There's a certain kind of serenity that emanates in the fall on this farm. I enjoy watching the horses run in their paddocks, I love hearing them whinny back and forth at each other and above all I love watching my oldest ride. She is such a beautiful girl and she's got a great future ahead of her. As a parent I want to do everything in my power to provide experiences for her that she will never forget.

You see, I grew up on a quaint, family farm in the U.P. of Michigan where fall shows it's colors early. On that land I would take long walks, ride my horses, pick wild flowers, build forts, go sledding and work. I miss it immensely. I miss all of it even mucking the barn and stacking hay bails.

Bringing my daughter to this horse farm if only for lesson's in the fall and in the spring gives her a small piece of what I was privileged to have growing up. I didn't know I was fortunate at the time and proceeded to fight like mad to get out of that small town and now I find myself in a suburb fighting like mad to return. That's another story in and of itself.

The autumn weather brings with it an energizing breath of fresh air that makes me want to start decorating, light candles, make big family dinners. It's always felt like a fresh start to me for some reason, a new beginning if you will, and that's quite the contrary, it's harvest time. The dormancy of many things but in that dormancy I feel more refreshed than any other time of year.

So while I long for the place I grew up, I will make the best of the place I reside in.

What is your favorite season?


  1. Homesick today, huh? Something about this late summer always makes me feel the same. Your pictures are beautiful, your words put me in the moment, and you are right: Olivia is beautiful in and out. You have a true gift, though, for making the best of any situation and I know it will all come together in His way, in His time.

  2. Jenny, your words and recollections of a childhood that we now know was blessed beyond measure, mirror my very own. Oh and wanting to give our children a piece of our special heaven on earth. I never knew why October and the Autumn season was so special, but it still is today. It stirs the spirit to create and to want to give and to do something really special. I really loved this article. Thank you, it touched my inner child and made her giggle and want to run down thru the horse field and fish in a small pond. Just lovely! - Blessings, Michelle <3

  3. Thanks ladies for taking the time to read my post. Your kind words are inspiring. Much love!

  4. What beautiful words...fall is so peaceful. One of my favorite things about fall is the sound. Just listen.


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